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P&W PT6 Rigging

No description

Kevin Hussey

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of P&W PT6 Rigging

A How to Guide
Fuel Control Linkage

Disconnect the FCU control arm and mark on the arm where the pick up point begins.
The power lever indirectly controls the FCU control arm via the interconnect rod
Learning Outcomes
Identify the engine controls and there use
Describe how to statically rig an engine
Read and calculate Low pitch chart
Statically Rigging a PT6
Cockpit levers
Cam box Linkage
Fuel Control Linkage
Propeller Governor Linkage
Propeller Beta System Linkage

P&W PT6 Rigging
Prop Governor Linkage
Check that the Prop control linkage is contacting the stops in both directions.
Propeller Beta Linkage
Re-Adjust the beta arm so that it sits flush in the housing. Check that the Fuel Topping Interconnect rod is contacting its stop
Adjust the the back end of the rod end for a slip fit
Cockpit Levers
Set Cockpit levers as follows:
Power Levers to Flight Idle
Propeller Lever to Feather
Condition Lever to low Idle
Cam Box Linkage
Disconnect the prop control linkage and FCU interconnect rod from the Cam Box.

Verify that the Cam Box is free to move
By the end of this presentation you should be able to:
Engine Controls/Components
Fuel Control Unit
1.Fuel control Arm
2.Fuel interconnect Rod
3.Low Idle Adjustment
4.High Idle Adjustment
5.Power Lever
6.Cam Box
7.Propeller Control Linkage
8.Low Pitch Torque Adjuster
9.Max power adjuster
10.Reverse Adjuster Screw
(Iphone Pictures)
( IPhoto)
Low Pitch Torque
Set the altimeter to 29"92
Record Field Elevation
Record OAT (outside air temp)
Plot Chart
Low Pitch Torque Assignment

Open Google Docs
Open Shared with me folder
Open low pitch torque chart
Make copy on your Drive
Complete Graph and share with me
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