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Weekend in Buffalo/Niagara Falls

No description

Kristi Casale

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Weekend in Buffalo/Niagara Falls

November 1-3
Going to Buffalo/Niagara Falls for the weekend is a great idea. There are many pros and very few cons. Let's delve deeper into these.

Can be altered to fit preferences
Leave early Saturday morning-Getting out of town for a few day is good for everyone.
Road trip food-the Pike has Boston Market at its rest areas. Snacks in the car will be second to none.
Road trip music-I promise, no show tunes (Ok, maybe a little Newsies).
Get to Niagara Falls around 4-5 pm. Lovely dinner at Swiss Chalet
Check out the beautiful illuminated falls at night.
Daytime Sunday November 2, 2014
Free continental breakfast at the hotel. Who doesn't love a nice do it yourself waffle?
Lots of fun daytime activities to choose from: Jet boats, wax museums, Maid of the Mist, Journey behind the falls, bird kingdom, Imax theatre. The possibilities are endless.
Evening Sunday November 2, 2014
Drive to Buffalo around 3ish (1/2 hour away)
Go to 5pm game at First Niagara Center
Dinner at any one of Buffalo's fine eating establishments. (I hear they make some great wings)
Monday, November 3, 2014
Drive home: Refer back to road trip food and music.
Two words: Auto Bingo!
Reminisce about what a fun weekend we had.

Getting out of town for a few days.
Beautiful falls at night.
Canadian Beverages
Seeing some fantastic hockey players before they break a hip (you know, cuz they are old)
Frugal-hotel picked up by your brother, gas card courtesy of Swagbucks, tickets to game $25 each due to visa gift card from Swagbucks.
Use the trip as my birthday gift and get to spend time with your favorite sister and she wouldn't have to drive the whole way herself.
Have to take a day off from work (although this might be considered a pro as well)
I90 is pretty boring.
We have a great time!

Weekend in
Niagara Falls/Buffalo

So, clearly there are way more pros than cons. I hope you enjoyed my presentation.
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