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Copy of Parrot Presentation

No description

Carmen M

on 10 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Parrot Presentation

Sales and marketing strategy Parrot products are directly installed in the car while it's being assembled. People buy Parrot products when they purchase a phone Parrot complements its sales network by signing distribution agreements Parrot launched with John Lewis Stores

"Get free new Chemical Brothers album with Parrot Party" In the clip "Baby When the Light" more than 20,000,000 views Parrot in very active on
- the radio
- the internet Product improvements Success story of a French company Differences between WiFi and Bleutooth •230 employees on R&D departement
> 44% of Parrot’s effective

•12% of the annual turnover R&D in Parrot R&D focused on: Wireless connectivity

Vocal reconnaissance

Signal treatment

Internet / 3G access Contents The company
Product improvements
Sales and Marketing strategy
Conclusion Always based on a simple fact which leads to a customer’s need

Push the design to an advanced point Parrot’s R&D politic Parrot’s hands free systems are sold by the main car manufaturers and are made for the Hi-Fi system.
USB plug, iPod/iPhone connectivity.

Prices from €69 to €159 Parrot’s products vs competitors
Hands Free Systems Motorola Nokia Sold on some electronics websites and shops.
Not made for some Hi-Fi systems.
No USB plug and no iPhone/iPod connectivity.

Prices from €50 to €299 Parrot’s products vs the competitors
Home products Parrot is well positioned on the wireless digital photo frames market

Price : around €500 Bose Wave® Music System III Parrot by Starck WiFi
Home cinema
100 watts

Price : €1200 Bluetooth
Home cinema
60 watts

Price : €900 Presentation of the company Presentation of the company

Foundation of Parrot by Henri Seydoux son of Jérôme Seydoux, CEO of Pathé, and nephew of Nicholas Parrot, CEO of Gaumont.

Henri was only graduated with a scientific Baccalauréat.

Parrot’s name linked to the speaking multicolor bird. Presentation of the company Presentation of the company

Launching of a hands-free system dedicated to music.

Launching of the « Parrot by Collection » (Premium products designed by Andrée Putman, Phillippe Starck and Martin Szekely). Presentation of the company

Launching of Parrot Drone and a hands-free system dedicated to smartphones.

Launching of Parrot by NoDesign Collection and of Parrot ASTEROID. Key Figures Parrot’s products
Hands Free Systems Parrot’s products
Home products Parrot’s products
Drone « An originality technologic and marketing, which doesn’t need to be revolutionnary: we can’t launch the transistor everyday. » SBU Free hands kits: the source of innovation 1999 : CK28 First ever built free hands kit

2001: CK3000 first Bluetooth free hands kit
CK3100 first Free hands with LCD
CK3200 first free hands with color LCD Based on a simple conclusion:
always have to stay in the vehicle to call

Parrot’ solutions Plug&Play

First Bluetooth kit for motorcycles Plug & Play: the mobility concept First Parrot's Bluetooth sound system
and photoframe

Focus on digital signal processing.

First Bluetooth hands-free car kit.

First Bluetooth Plug & Play  car kit. A.RDrone connectivity OEM: the way to improve a vehicle Great improvement of connectivity in the car

Heavy competition with over OEM manufacturers

Parrot’s aim: provide an integrated solution to every users’ needs

Parrot became a worldwide company thanks to the creation of Parrot Inc. Parrot creates subsidiaries all over the world : in Germany, England, Italy and Hong-Kong. What’s next? Parrot conference Project of future phones A.RDrone connectivity Presentation of the company The customer may have its hands-free kit installed :
closer to home
by its usual mechanic
near its workplace

This program now includes
more than 4,000 members
in over 20 countries With independent installers Parrot introduced the Program With car manufacturers Parrot Certified Installers around the world With telephone companies With retail and merchant websites With specialized stores With famous artists Best Buy, leading US equipment and service distributor greatly increased Parrot products sales
For instance, the Parrot Asteroid needs 3G Internet access to fully operates. The company benefits of the campaign. AN EXAMPLE OF COBRANDING AN EXAMPLE OF PRODUCT PLACEMENT Parrot
Party The company widens its community spreads buzz videos regularly Success story of a French company Conclusion 20% of the turnover
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