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rasheena hakeek

on 15 May 2011

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How do Energy Efficent Homes Help? Energy efficent homes could help better with solar panels. How could you save energy? You could save energy by: using natural light when sunny outside and use less electronics and play outside. What will you need for a energy efficent home? For a energy efficent home you will need solar panels,cardboard,contruction paper,glue,tape,fake plants,etc. ENERGY EFFICENT HOMES
By: Rasheena Natasha Hakeek yea!!!! Why are some people wasting energy and time on electronics:iphone,nintendo ds,computer,etc. Hope You Enjoyed My First Prezi -Rasheena Hakeek :D Some people think that their electronics (cellphones, computers etc) are the only things that are fun. Actually my perspective is before those electronics were created the only thing there was to do is play outside and enjoy nature. P.S it was a little hard but it turned out okay.
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