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Grade 3 - Science - Ties, Struts, and Structures

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Harry Webb

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Grade 3 - Science - Ties, Struts, and Structures

Ties, Struts, and Structures! NOOOOO!!!!! So why did the house collapse when the
rock fell on it? Loads What is a load again? Oh look! A super
strong and
house!!! Oh wait.. What's that? A rock Oh no!!! *collapse* Right! So the house that collapsed was only built to
support a certain weight. In this case,
the roof is the
load So when the rock fell on it... The load became
too heavy And the house
collapsed So how can we make it stronger? Ideas: Struts and Ties Houses, and other strong structures, often use STRUTS and TIES to help keep
them stable. But what is a strut and a tie? Let's start with Ties No, not that kind! Ties Ties are "beams" or "bars" that are used to stop two parts of a structure from being pulled apart. So in this house, the
tie would be here Tie It's stopping the roof from
collapsing. Struts Tie A strut is a beam or bar used to support heavy loads. The roof at
the top is
being pushed
together. Strut By putting the
strut here,
it helps support
the heavy load
of the roof. But what are some other examples? How many of you guys have shelves? Let's draw one: And now from the side: What are some things we can put on the shelf? Who can spot the Strut? Strut Great!!! Woah... you guys put too much on the shelf! I'm not sure the strut can hold it by itself, what can we do? Add a tie! But where to put it? Place the tie! Great! Hopefully this will help... Place the tie! Perfect! The shelf is stable now!!!
*flex* Activity Time! Open your books to page 19.
On this page there are a lot of "struts" and "ties".

Your job is to DRAW 4 of the images, and show where the struts and ties are. Let's do the first one together. Let's do the bench So the first thing we need to do is draw the bench. Done Now to show the struts and ties. Strut Strut Tie
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