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My Co-op Experience

No description

Chelsea Muller

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of My Co-op Experience

I enjoyed, the people I've met, the happy ending stories I've seen, the animals I've got to meet, and how much I've got to help:)
My Co-op Experience
Cleaning Cat Cages
Cleaning Litter Pans
Sweeping/ Moping
Cleaning Bathrooms
Socializing Animals
Helping Costumers
Changing Small Animal Cages
Equipment & Tools
Kitty Litter Scooper
Verox (Sanitizer)
Sponge/ Cloth
Dress Code
Old clothing, that you don't mind getting ruined. A shirt with long sleeves & high neck line is recommended. Boots or closed in shoe, again old shoes are recommended.
I co-oped at the Lincoln County Humane Society.
What I Wore on a Average Day:
Sweatpants/ Old Jeans
Tee Shirt or Crew neck Sweater
Work shoes ( Black runners)
Skills I have learned during my co-op experience include; Learning a lot more about animals, how to properly hold a cat, help costumers, deal with death, Learning about sicknesses cats can get and how to treat them.
Overall I've really enjoyed my coop experience.
It was a lot more enjoyable & more of a learning experience then I thought it would be.
During my co-op at the humane society this little kitten that me & another co-op student, named the kitten Zoe, had to be put down.
Clean Cage
Stray puppy
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