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Fall of the Nuclear Family

No description

Hannah Kelly

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Fall of the Nuclear Family

The Fall of the Nuclear Family By: Hannah Kelly What is a Nuclear Family? Before the 1950’s, there was a time where there was a certain way to live and everybody lived that way or else they were thought of differently or shunned. However times started to change and the Nuclear Family became different for many people. There was an Urban Sprawl where people began to work later and they ended up away from their family, the roles of family members based on gender changed dramatically, and divorce spread rapidly. New Urbanism •People began working longer, automobiles were used often, and big cities sprang up.
•Suburbs began to grow bigger and bigger.
•“The urban sprawl caused natural landscapes outside of the city to become covered with large expanses of housing, strip malls, and huge parking lots. The creation of these single-use developments facilitated the need for cars, which in turn increased traffic congestion” (ABC-CLIO). What is it? Effect •This began the decline of the family eating supper all together at a certain time with a nutritious, home cooked meal.
•Other people/machines do your chores for you.
•Often members of the family were gone a majority of the day in response to the Urban sprawl. The family waves goodbye to their mother as she leaves for work. Example of the change in Gender roles. Gender Roles •Women began to join the workforce which was never a part of the perfect family. (as shown in the recent picture.)
•Men began doing other jobs besides the normal, masculine jobs.
•“But as society changes, gender roles are becoming more fluid. As people are beginning to accept that men and women may share tasks and responsibilities without compromising their individual identities the term gender roles is being replaced with the idea of family roles” (ABC-CLIO). What is it? Effect •Family roles adapted as the simple economy shifted to industrialization and then as an industrialized economy shifted to a service economy.
•Women were no longer restricted to the home.
•Family roles generally followed a more traditional model in which the husband and wife work in separate spheres, usually divided by work inside the home versus work outside the home. One of the many causes in the fall of the nuclear family is, divorce. Divorce •Before the 1950’s divorce was a never to be talked about subject.
•The percentage of husband and wives separating is at its all-time high.
•“One issue associated with rising tension and discord due to women's work is that some husbands feel less masculine when their wives take jobs outside the home” (ABC-CLIO). What is it? Effect •Women also took on many feelings of depression and/or stress because of the multiple responsibilities placed upon them, causing the family to become unhappy and split.
•Many think that women find true satisfaction in homemaking however not all women did causing dissatisfaction and unhappiness.
•Women often felt useless and like they weren’t appreciated because of the feelings that society didn’t value their work. The effect of the fall of the nuclear family is very big today. There is no longer the every family, is a perfect family. Instead many families are choosing to separate and divorce. There are still happy families, but as of 2008, 46.5% of the work force is made up of women (ABC-CLIO) and the roles of families are no longer so structured. Many houses that are built today are put in subdivisions with neighbor’s right next door. However there are still country homes but they are not as strongly country based as they were in the mid-1900’s. The perfect family? Maybe not... Citations: Boltons, Mat. "Poetry in Stasis:The Perfect Family." Mat Boltons World View.
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