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Principle of Directionality

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Lisa Koch

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Principle of Directionality

The Principle of Directionality
Certain signs can show "who did what to whom" through their movement.

The movement of the sign indicates the subject and the object of the verb. Another name for this concept is "agreement verbs."
If you start signing "give" away from the body and then move the sign "give" toward yourself and end near your body...that would mean, "You give me some money."
For example, signing "money" and then signing "give" starting near the body moving the sign "give" in an outward direction, this means "I gave you money."
If I look at you and move the sign "give" out to my right or left, I am signing "Give it to him."
You can directionalize many different verbs. "MEET" is on example.

To sign MEET, you hold both index fingers out in front of you about a foot apart, pointed up, palms facing each other. Then you bring them together--it looks like two people meeting. Note: The index fingers do not touch, just the lower parts of the hands.]

ME-MEET-YOU is done in one motion. Hold the dominant index finger near the body with palm facing outward, and the non-dominant index finger near you, palm facing inward. Then bring the dominant index finger outward to toward the non-dominant index finger.

Not all verbs are directional in nature. Here is as list of verbs that are directional:
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