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Monday, November 17th

Follow Up to Gossip Journal Project Earlier this Semester, Reflect on "attitude," Vocal Warm Up, Rehearse, Piano Practice, Stress Management, Rehearse.

Colby Hawkins

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Monday, November 17th

Vocal Warm Up
Beginning Singers: If you've mastered healthy singing posture please now focus on
your voice.
Please continue where you left off on Methods, Alfred Book 1a, taking the initiative to ask questions if the keyboard you're using isn't working quite right or if you need help with your hand position : )
Image by Tom Mooring
Monday, November 17th
Krispy Kreme
Please put all of your upcoming performances, tests and due dates from this class and others (extra curricular, academic) in your phone, calendar, or planner.
Please sing with passion and emotion as we rehearse today : ) It's a great strategy if you'd like to get the most enjoyment out of singing.
Piano Maestro with Keyboards!
Bell Ringer: Trust/Positive Outlook. While watching this clip, please
on the following question: What are some ways we can develop healthy relationships of trust with those around us?
After the 2 min - video, please be prepared to participate in a class discussion on ways to develop more positive and healthy relationships in our lives.
15 min
Work to get a "5" on our 'ready to perform' chart on all of our pieces.
10-15 min
15-20 min
Moderately Advanced Singers: If you are now projecting your voice, please focus on singing with
forward resonance.
Class discussion on trust and cultivating a positive life outlook.
Advanced Singers: Please focus on
with those around you-unify your vowels, tone, and volume.
5-8 min
Increase music literacy
by gaining
a better understanding of note duration and
pitch variance.
Stress Management
10-15 min
if time....
Follow-up/assessment: I will invite you to briefly share your schedule/planner with a partner
again! : )
Follow up on our gossip journal project. How are we doing as a class in our efforts to refrain from gossiping?
Character Development:
- student led class discussion
Character Development:
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