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LU/UN Partnership

No description

LUUN Partnership

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of LU/UN Partnership

LU/UN Partnership
About Us
What is UN NGO?
A UN NGO is a non-governmental, non-profit, voluntary citizens group organized on the local, national, or international level and officially recognized by the UN.
An NGO gives information to its members regarding UN activities, and in turn NGOs provide a wealth of expertise that informs UN decision-making
What this means for Lehigh
Lehigh Students, Staff and Faculty now have a direct link to the United Nations in NYC that provides access to global decision-makers
In 2004, Lehigh University became the sixth university in the world to gain official recognition as an NGO by the UN Department of Public Information
This NGO status allows Lehigh to foster a unique experiential and educational link from the classroom to UN headquarters and beyond
Each year, more than 1,800 Lehigh faculty, staff and students attend UN programs
Ambassadors from all over the world have come to Lehigh to present on hot topics
31 Lehigh students have interned at the UN
Lehigh started the World's first UN NGO Youth Representative Program
Lehigh students hold 10% of the world's Youth Rep positions
Lehigh is one of the leading universities in the United Nations Academic Impact program
What You Can Do
Opportunities to visit the United Nations
Regular trips organized by our office
Open to any member of the Lehigh community!
No experience of background knowledge needed
Briefing announcements weekly
Groups participate in UN programming including UN conferences, private briefings by UN officials, and other educational seminars
Round-trip transportation on coach buses, for small fee
To be added to our mailing list, go to tinyurl.com/LUUNMailing
UN on Campus
Each year the Lehigh University/United Nations Partnership hosts over 40 UN related events on campus. Events include:
Ambassadorial Speaker Series
Presentations by UN officials and representatives from NGOs
United Nations Day campus-wide activities
UN Department of Public Information briefing about Sustainable Development
UN-focused classes, such as the College of Education's UN award-winning class "Experiencing the UN: NGOs in Education Policy and Practice
Lehigh Interns at the UN
31 Lehigh University students have served as interns at the UN
While there, they are speech writers, social media marketers, UNESCO researchers, NGO relations interns, and designers of globally viewed briefings
Our student interns have engaged with senior UN diplomats, met with the Secretary General and liaised with Prime Ministers
UN NGO Youth Representatives
Who are Youth Reps?
A select group of active student leaders, from a variety of backgrounds at both the undergraduate and graduate levels
What do they do?
Work for a geographically disparate NGO
Learn about their NGO's cause and purpose
Attend UN workshops, briefings, conferences and sessions relevant to their NGO's cause and represent their NGO's objectives
Report to the NGO with summaries, critical details, or UN action

A new program, launched in November 2014
Serving as a way to better connect and collaborate with students who regularly attend out programs
Requirements for membership:
Have attended at least 2 trips to the United Nations
Have attended at least 1 lecture or presentation on campus, organized by our Partnership
LU/UN Ambassadors Program
Benefits of Joining
Early notification of program events and opportunities

Provide recommendations for new programs and speakers

Resume builder, as a valuable experience on an international level

Priority given to Ambassadors when accepting UN Youth Representative applications

Develop your knowledge about the UN and its many functions

Opportunity to have a global impact by being actively involved

Apply online! Email luunambassador@gmail.com to apply
United Nations Secretary General's Envoy on Youth addresses students in Sinclair Auditorium
Lehigh University Youth Representative Savannah Boylan serves on a panel at a UN briefing
Lehigh University students attend a briefing at the United Nations
Our Students
Reach out to us!
If you're interested in any of these programs or would like to learn more, please contact us!
Dr. Bill Hunter
Lehigh University Representative to the United Nations
(610) 758-4505
Join the mailing list!
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