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glow in the dark slime!!!

No description

alise garza

on 24 May 2015

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Transcript of glow in the dark slime!!!

slime Alise garza Mrs.mata

Independent: glow paint and slime
Dependent: hot and cold areas
Control: amount of glow paint used

The slime that was in the cold area had a greater glow then the one in the hot area.
The one in the hot area had no glow at all.

DO you like magic?

My experiment will make your day
come on over and check it out.

Testable question
How can i make things glow in the dark?
Will they glow if they are 2 different temperatures
Elmer's glue
2 bowls
A hot plate
Glow paint
A plastic bowl to keep the slime in.
1. in 1 bowl mix 4oz of glue and a cup of water together. in another bowl mix 1 teaspoon of borax and water until borax is gone u cant see it anymore. Add glue solution the mixture of borax and water solution, then add a bottle of glow paint to the 2 mixtures.
Then split the goo in half and place 1 in the cold area and the other in the hot area. Wait a couple of minuted then see which one has a greater lumosity.
If i use a bottle of glow paint and 2 different temperature places, then one of my goo's will glow more.
My conclusion
My hypothesis was correct one of my slime's were gonna glow. and the slime in the cold area had a greater lumosity then the one in the hot area.
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