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The Joslin Diabetes Center and Health Innovators

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jonathan dube

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of The Joslin Diabetes Center and Health Innovators

HI will specifically tailor their events to focus on the pain points the Joslin Diabetes Center is currently facing
HI will promote the Joslin Diabetes Center at all events
Hi aims to work collaboratively with the Joslin Diabetes Center to promote one another
By becoming partners, Health Innovators will be able to accomplish their goal of bringing the best and brightest healthcare professionals into an unconference with the best and brightest technical minds in the world, thus leading to innovation
The Joslin Diabetes Center can aid HI in realizing this vision much more quickly and efficiently

The Big Picture
Once these new innovations and ideas have been established, hackathons will provide a medium to bring these ideas into the real world
We will hold hackathons to create a minimum viable products to realize these ideas in the matter of days
These innovations will be specifically tailored to suit The Joslin Diabetes Center's direct needs

Bringing these Ideas to Life

Health Innovator's Unconferences

A collaboration to promote innovation

The Joslin Diabetes Center + Health Innovators

HI requests permission to use the Joslin Diabetes Center name to stimulate interest and help bring more healthcare professionals to these unconferences, conferences and hackathons
Additionally, this would help us bring in more diabetes-specific healthcare professionals
HI would provide the Joslin Diabetes Center the option to choose the location of our events
Current meetings will be held at a location provided by MIT (www.catalyst.harvard.edu)

Who We Are
Dr. Kalyan Kalwa M.D.
Co-Founder of HI

Mr. Michael Krieger
Co-Founder of HI
Our Vision of this Collaboration
Joslin's mission statement is to prevent, treat and ultimately cure diabetes
HI's primary goal is to use our connections to innovate new ways of aiding Joslin to accomplish their mission statement
Through unconferences, conferences and hackathons, we can collaboratively accomplish this goal
Health Innovator's Hackathon Meetings
What HI is asking of The Joslin Diabetes Center
Support, branding and a helping hand
The path to innovation
Using participant driven meetings to promote innovation

Connect brilliant, fresh minds to promote innovation
Utilize HI's connections to healthcare professionals
Utilize HI's professional connection to MIT
MIT will provide the technical resources (staff, students, technology etc.)
Bring these minds together under one roof to solve specific pain points
Ex. 29.2% of diabetics are undiagnosed in the US
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