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24 Sept 2013: Introductions

No description

Mark Gardner

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of 24 Sept 2013: Introductions

Title a page of your tan booklet "Introductions"
What do you already know about writing an introduction for an essay?
What have you been taught to do?
What have you been taught NOT to do?
The JOBS an introduction is supposed to do:

I can craft an essay introduction that accomplishes the key jobs an introduction must do.
your "hook"
a ? your essay
will answer
a non-CD quote
funnel (general
to specific)
"Have you ever...?
"What if..."
"In my book..."
your "bridge"
When writing about literature, the kind of bridge you use is called a "synopsis."
identify A.F.T.
give a two- or three-sentence overview of the novel (what does your reader need to know?)
strike a balance... not TOO detailed, not TOO specific...
your "thesis"
What will your paper prove?
What big idea will you explore?
My paper will be about Zaroff.
I will prove that the Sniper is arrogant.
General Zaroff is a dynamic character whose arrogance leads to his own demise.
The Sniper's youth and innocence are tested when he faces the realities of war.
What about the ABC three-pronged thesis?
My paper will be about how Rainsford, is arrogant, resourceful, and dynamic.
An example introduction:
The warm autumn sun contradicted the raging, rain swollen anger of the creek that Tom and his horse stood facing. The horse shivered not because of the breeze, but because of the churning river and the metallic smell of the warm blood running down his shoulder.
Facing near certain death leads Tom to a reflective mindset that helps him appreciate life and love in a way that can only happen in this kind of situation.
In Dan O'Brien's short story "Crossing Spider Creek," a lone elk hunter has suffered a horrible compound fracture to his femur, and now the only thing standing between him and survival is that swollen creek and a horse terrified to cross. As the hunter tries to urge the horse across the water, his mind keeps drifting back to his home, his wife, and the small regrets that are now so big because death is looming close.
HOOK (engage)
Draft your introduction if you didn't finish in class.
Complete another body paragraph (each night!)
I can create an effective introduction for the three TS/CD pairs I've drafted.
Crossing Spider Creek
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