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L2 U 2.5Going to the Olympic Games

Buying train tickets, booking accomodations, WH questions, talking about the experience of somebody visting the Brazil olympic games in 2016. This should help a student be able to create their own trip using questions from a friend to insight the con

Go English Live

on 1 February 2014

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Transcript of L2 U 2.5Going to the Olympic Games

Going to the Olympic Games
I want to go to the Olympics!
I wonder how much I need in total...
Role play
Let´s review!
WH Questions
Olympic Games
2499 days to prepare
¨We just attended our sixth Games in London using City Travel for this worldwide sporting event. Few companies are equipped to handle trip planning for events of such magnitude as the London Games. City Travel offers the best in service and pricing, and the staff is willing to go the extra mile for their clients to ensure an enjoyable time. Because of the great service we know that we will receive, we have already registered with them to handle all the details of our planned trip to the Rio Games. We know we can depend on City Travel to insure the most enjoyable Games experience possible.¨

More than 10,500 athletes expected
28 Olympic sports
205 nations
- Round trip flights
- 5 star hotel
- All the meals
- Official Games Transportation System to and from sports events
- Three guided Rio day tours
- Local tour guide for most sightseeing tours
T-shirt with pre-printed identification emblem
$4,000 Dollars!
City Travel how may I help you?
Hi there! I want information about the Trip 2016 to the olympic games
Yes, of course. Can you please provide me with your email so I can send you all the information there?
Sure it is DavidSmith@intell.com
OK, you should have a new inbox message
Yes, I do.
It seems to have all the information on it. Give me a few minutes to read please.
Yes, of course!
OK. So I have a few questions...
Who will I be flying with? and when?
The company you will be flying with is American Airlines. Your flight will leave on August 4Th of 2016.
What is the name of the hotel I will be staying at?
You will be staying at the Sofitel, one of the most prestigious brazilian luxury hotels
Where is it?
It is located in Copacabana,
Rio de Janeiro
Why doesn't the email specify everyday lunch at the hotel?
Because lunch is usually provided outside of the hotel after the sports events
Great! I want to make a reservation!
A Thing
A person
A reason
A time
A place
Danielle and Dan from, Texas.
Testimonies are a great way to know whether a place is good for visiting or a company worth making business with.
I been to Brazil
have never
I haven't been to Brazil
She went to Brazil last year
He came back from Brazil
I have not been to Brazil
so far
The end
I hope you enjoyed learning about the games
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