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Ihsan H

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Russia

Time Perspectives
"Russia's Challengibg Road to Democracy"

Russia was ruled by Czars
U.S.S.R.'s communist rulers kept info about the country secret.

1992, Russia became part of a group of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
People who disagreed with the government were sent to labor camps in Siberia.
The government owned all property, businesses and decided what jobs people have and where people live.
Most of the Soviet society was controlled by the government.
Eventually the Soviet Union became less harsh.
People got assigned jobs and those who were assigned jobs they didn't like did not try their best.

Due to uninspired workers production suffered, and food & energy shortages.

In the mid-1980s Soviet Union leaders tried to fix the communist system.
Policies of Glasnost and Perestroika were introduced.
Glasnost means "openness" under this people were able to speak freely.
Perestroika means " restructuring" under this some individuals and businesses were able to take part in some government decisions.
Many were also killed, tortured, sent to prision.

Terrorist attack protest in Russia
In 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed.
Not everyone agreed to the reforms, people who supported the Communist Party and the Military tried to control the Soviet Union.
Since then people have tried to change the Russian government into a Democracy.
Russians now elect their leaders.
Reforms have been introduced to create a free market economy.
Russians now own their own businesses, reforms have helped the economy grow.
Chechnya is in Southern Russia.
Criminal gangs and corruption are increasing.
Some people even secretly pay officials to get drivers licenses and permits to build houses/businesses.
In Chechnya Rebels have been at war with the Russian government since 1994.
Those rebels want Chechnya to be an independent nation.
Due to this Russia has suffered a lot of terrorist attacks.
In 2004 terrorists took control of a school and killed over 300 people. (including kids)
Bombings have also occured at bus+train stations. In 2004 a total of 500 people have been killed.
On September 2004 Russians filled the streets of St. Petersburg and Moscow for a protest against terrorism.
In 2005 a bomb went off in a village in the Caucasus region, and killed 14 people.
Chechnya was first conquered by Russia in 1858, but the Chechens never accepted their rule.
In 1991 Chechnya declared independence but Russia didn't approve.
So then in 1994 Russians went to war with rebels.
In 1996 Chechnya won the right to elect their own government, but still remained part of Russia.
Terrorist attacks continued, and Putin sent toops back into the region in 1999.
Russian forces now control Chechen cities which are being rebuilt.
Despite the Russian victory fighting still continues.
Most Chechens are Muslims
People tend to be Christians
By: Ihsan Hamiroune

& Bryan Griswold
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