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Madison Rhodes for President 2014

No description

Sarah Lam

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Madison Rhodes for President 2014

Madison Rhodes for President 2014
Stump Speech
For Sure States
Economic Policy
In order to mobilize our guaranteed voters, we took a conservative platform on some economic matters. The idea of offering tax cuts to small businesses appeals to Republican states, such as Alabama and Georgia, and the concept of tax cuts to veterans appeals specifically to one of our swing states, Virginia, and also motivates Oklahoma, traditionally conservative, to vote.
The economic platform of raising minimum wage has some encouragement in conservative states; recently, traditionally Republican states, such as Alaksa, Arkansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota, have taken measures to increase minimum wage. This issue is also important to Illinois, a swing state that will be one of the factors that can ensure us victory (due to the 21 electoral votes it carries). Additionally, the concept of raising minimum wage appeals to middle-ground voters who could sometimes be tempted to vote liberally. The factor will likely swing moderate voters to vote for our candidate.
South Carolina
North Dakota
=152 Electoral
Environmental Policy

Likely States
Environmental policy is traditionally a liberal issue, but is not a biased issue, and can easily be a bipartisan concept pursued by a moderate Republican candidate. Environmental reform will resonate with liberally minded swing voters, especially in Colorado, a swing state that has been strongly liberal until recently developing a conservative lean. Additionally, our policy for reform follows a Republican method, featuring tax cuts to large energy companies and businesses to expand energy by exploring and implementing "green" energy. This investigation of alternative energy sources will also create high-paying jobs in the science industry, a factor that will please both conservatives and liberals. And instead of destroying energy sources like oil or coal,--which are vital to swing state Ohio, and other conservative states--we also offer incentives to owners of oil establishments to create cleaner oil refineries and the like. An environmental policy that creates jobs; cleans up the environment; does not require more taxes; and maintains the traditional coal and oil businesses will both garner moderate swing voters, and entice conservatives to go to the polls.
South Dakota
West Virginia
=91 Electoral
Swing States
North Carolina
New Hampshire
=84 Electoral
No Chance States
New York
New Jersey
New Mexico
Rhode Island
Washington D.C.
Stump Speech
America was once a nation of workers! It was a nation of productivity! In recent times, we have lost sight of those ideals. Our government has gotten too big for its own good, but I believe that together, we can bring it back down to size.
The economy is much better off than it war several years ago, but the way that it was improved is unsustainable, and together we can do better! No more bailouts for companies who outsource American jobs! Instead, lets boost the economy within our own borders! Lets give tax cuts to small businesses and veterans, and rebuild our middle class be raising the minimum wage! Let’s stand up for the little guy and give everyone equal opportunity to succeed.
Additionally, we can no longer pretend that global warming and climate change don’t exist. The government must take action, but not through the harsh regulations of the Obama Administration. Instead, we should give tax breaks to corporations who develop clean energy sources, and incentives for oil companies to clean up their refining processes. Together we can expand America’s energy and reduce our dependence on foreign oil!
For years, there have been millions of undocumented immigrants residing in our country who arrived illegally, and very little has been done to reform and obviously broken immigration system. I believe that we should heighten border security in order to fight the drug cartels currently abusing it, but we should reform the system to prioritize keeping families together, and to make the legal process of getting a work permit, and eventually citizenship, much more efficient. Together, we will restore the American Dream

Commercial #1
Commercial #2
Madison Rhodes is a 53 year old white woman who is moderate Republican.

She was born and raised in Iowa but currently lives at 5064 Greenwood Blvd, in Chicago Illinois

She graduated from Bowdin University in Maine and went to graduate school at the University of Illinois. She has degrees in both political science and economics.

Married to Henry Rhodes who is a Navy Veteran and is the owner of a manufacturing company

Mother of two. Her son is 23 and is in graduate school at Harvard, and her daughter is 28 and is a practicing Lawyer.

She works as director of the non-profit OLVED, which is a humanitarian organization.

Has served as Illinois state senator for eight years

She has an openly gay nephew currently serving in the Air Force
Immigration Policy
Immigration is an issue that has been brushed aside continually because nobody has had the guts to tackle it. Realistically, the two parties are not particularly different in their views, and reaching an accord should not be overly difficult. We want to use the republican notion of increasing border security to keep out undesirable elements, such as drug traffickers and human smugglers. It is not our belief that those wanting to start new lives in America should be barred from the country, but rather, we want to make the process of obtaining work visas and eventually citizenship much more streamlined. We agree that it is unfair that undocumented immigrants get to capitalize on living in our society without paying their dues, but we understand that they fill jobs necessary for our economy, which current citizens are unlikely to fill. Regarding the process, we feel that it is best to keep families together, so that parents with work visas can bring their children or spouses into the country.
How to Win Swing States
Forbes "Top 50 Charities in the US"
Various lists of Presidential names and Education
Youtube videos of Congressional/Presidential Adds
Washington Post.com "Yes, Conservatives Can be Environmentalists, Here's how."
Various lists of Senators by race and Gender
NY Times

Ohio: Our candidate’s opposition to taxes will help get out the base and position on environmental policy will appeal to swing voters by allowing them to continue their strong coal, oil, and automotive industries
Illinois: Our candidate’s fiscal policy will help get out the base and the fact that she already served as a senator there will appeal to swing voters by proving that she knows the best interests of the state.
New Hampshire: Our candidate’s desire to make America self reliant will help get out the base and position on reducing taxes on small businesses will appeal to swing voters by showing that she cares for the little guys.
Winning Swing States (Continued)
North Carolina: Our candidate’s lack of taxes will help get out the base and position on job generation will appeal to swing voters because of the high unemployment rate there.
Nevada: Our candidate’s fiscal policy will help get out the base and position on immigration will appeal to swing voters due to the high hispanic population. Nevada is also home to the highest proportion of illegal immigrants of anywhere in the country.
Wisconsin: Our candidate’s energy policies will help get out the base and position on assisting veterans will appeal to swing voters.
Winning Swing States (Continued)
Iowa: Our candidate’s support of small businesses will help get out the base and position on clean energy will appeal to swing voters by reducing the amount of fracking occurring in the state.
Virginia: Our candidate’s fiscal policy will help get out the base and our flexible position on environmental will appeal to both sides.
If we win all Swing states, we will have a total of 327 Electoral Votes

Prezi by
Sarah Lam, Kevin King, Shai Goldberg,
and Emma Kelly
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