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Trends and Factor

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Danielle Gawler

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Trends and Factor

Trend and Factors in the Travel and Tourism Industry
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Trends and Factors
I believe a trends is how something has changes, this could increase something or decrease something.
A trend is "The general direction in which something tends to move" (Free Dictionary,2013)
An example of a trend is visitor numbers.
Increased Frequency of Holidays
As people are now earning more money, they are able to take more frequent holidays.
The trend has changed recently, causing a decline in visitor numbers and outbound trips.
The visitor numbers in the UK in'2009 was 29.889' and dropped in 2010 to '29.803 million' (Visit Britain, 2013).
In this presentation I am going to explain what Trends and Factors are and who they affect in the Travel and Tourism Industry.
Holiday Home ownership
There is an upward trend in the UK residents owning a second home.
Around '235,000 second homes are owned abroad by British Citizens' (Dale,2010).
The most common area abroad for a second home is Spain.
Greater Flexibility of Booking
People become more confident about flying.
Online travel agents causes an increase number of dynamic packaging.
Increase in lower priced trips.
More Independent Travelers
Over the last few years the number of independent booking has increased.
Dynamic Packaging has increase allowing customer to book there own luxury holidays.
Customers can get value for money.
Package holidays have decreased.
Opportunity for Adventure
Increase and demand for specialized holidays.
Organizations will offer adventure holidays and there is an increase in interest so there will be and increase in booking.
Tour Operators have become aware of the trend and now created an adventure holiday business.
Short Term Trends
Short term trends can serious impact the industry.
Decline in incoming and outgoing passenger numbers, cause by the recession.
Lower spending of UK tourists in Euro destinations, due to poor exchange rate.
Growth and Expansion of Regional Airports
There is a popular trend in passengers who like the convince of traveling from nearby airports.
Airport expansion is a controversial issues due to government consideration.
Low cost airlines often operate from regional airports.
Withdrawal of some Destinations by Low-cost Airlines
The recession has had a big impact on aviation.
Some airlines made cuts to staff and some destinations, withdrawing unprofitable routes.
Many routes have been cut, such as routes to Eastern Europe.
I believe a factor is something that influences tourism, factors can be seen a negative things.
According to the Oxford dictionary a factor is ' a circumstance, fact, or influence that contributes to a result' (Oxford Dictionary, 2013).
For example a Factor could be an act of terrorism.
Natural Disasters
Natural disasters are event that happen, without any control over them, for example a hurricane.
Natural disasters result in a decline of tourism in the affected area.
An example of a recent natural disaster, is the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.
Health Warnings, Epidemic and Pandemics
This could be an out break of a disease in and area.
People are discouraged from traveling to areas where there are epidemics.
For Example in 2009 there was an outbreak of swine flu in Mexico, which had a major impact on tourism in the area.
Terrorism is "the unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims" ( Free Dictionary,2013).
Terrorist attack on destinations can have a serious impact to the tourism.
Every act of terrorism leads to more security checks and more difficult for air passengers to travel freely.
For example a major terrorism attack was the 9/11.
Environmental Issues
Environmental issues is a 'process that has negative effects on the sustainability of the environmental quality' (Business Dictionary, 2013).
There are demands and expectations that companies will adopt environmentally friendly companies.
Airlines in the UK have responded by investing in more fuel efficient, quieter aircrafts.
Cost of Travel
The cost of travel is the price a customer will pay for their transport.
Travel is relatively cheap, and the cost of long haul travel has reduced over the years.
Travel may become more expensive if proposed air passenger taxes are introduced.
World Recession
The world recession in 2008-2010 had a massive impact on the Travel and Tourism Industry.
Recession is a "Period of general economic decline, defined usually as a contraction in the GDP for six months (two consecutive quarters) or longer" ( Business Dictionary, 2013).
The world recession caused domestic tourism to increase.
People became reluctant to travel, causing Travel and Tourism companies to struggle.
Currency Exchange Rate
Exchange rate is "The price of one country's currency expressed in another country's currency" (Financial Dictionary, 2013).
Currency exchange rate can reflex the strength of one currency and also the strength of the countries economy.
Exchange rates can effect where tourists will travel to.
New Development
A development is to "grow or cause to grow and become more mature, advanced, or elaborate" (Oxford Dictionary, 2013).
In the travel and tourism industry there are major development in transport and technology that benefit the industry.
Developments help to increase sales as they represent improvements.
2010 Haiti Earthquake
2009 Swine Flu
2013 Kenya Attack
In 2009 there was a swine flu out break in Mexico, "causing 20 deaths and sparked widespread panic in Mexico and around the globe"(The Guardian, 2013).
This then caused a decline in tourism numbers in Mexico and other infected areas.
"Three years after the earthquake that claimed between 230,000 and 300,000 lives in Haiti and left 1.5 million people homeless, reconstruction continues slowly" (The Guardian, 2013),
Outbreak of disease, health problems and many other issues as a long term effect of the natural disaster.
Due to the disaster, tourism declined in the area of Haiti.
In 2013, there was a terrorist attack in a shopping mall in Kenya "which left 67 people dead and nearly 200 others injured over four days of bloodshed" (NBC News, 2013).
Due to the attack in Kenya, tourists were unable and not wanting to visit the area, as lives were in danger.
Heathrow Ranked Third Largest Airport Worldwide
Heathrow experience a growth in passenger numbers, making it the third busiest airport worldwide.
"5% of airports worldwide saw passenger growth which averaged 7%" ( Travel Mole, 2013).
This means that there is a growth in people traveling aboard.
Thomson opens Third Next Generation Store
Thomson has opened a new generation store in Bristol which contains "84-inch touch screen interactive map and interactive tables designed to inspire and entertain customers whilst they research their holidays" (Travel Mole, 2013)
Due to an increase in dynamic packaging, travel agents must keep us with the trend in order to survive.
"Thomson has reported almost 100% satisfaction with its new Dreamliner, with nearly all customers recommending the plane to friends and family" ( Travel Mole, 2013).
This means that there is an interest in the new Dreamliner aircraft, therefore could be a demand of passenger wanting the Dreamliner experience
Airlines will have to recognize this trend and demand and response in the right way in order to satisfy customers.
Thomson Generation Store's
Due to the increasing trend of dynamic packaging travel and tourism companies are responding to this.
Last year the number of online booking was "148.3 million" (Statistic Brain, 2014), however only "7% of holidaymakers went into a high street travel agency to book their yearly holidays" (Tourism Link, 2014)
Other companies will look for success in the Generation stores in order to increase their profits.
Kenya Terrorism Attack
The Kenya Tourism board 'Magical Kenya' has help encourage tourist back into Kenya.
Magical Kenya have insured "multiple security teams have been engaged in securing the mall and have succeeded in containing the attackers" (Magical Kenya, 2014).
Magical Kenya has ensured the security to encouraged tourism back to the country through the media and online.
Thank you for listening

Any questions
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