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What was the Great Trek?

No description

Jessica Lopez`

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of What was the Great Trek?

The Great Trek
By: Julie and Jessica
The Great Trek was a movement of Dutch-speaking colonists up into the interior of southern Africa in search of land, where they could establish their own homeland, independent of British rule. m
What was the Great Trek?
Great Trek (1835–40) Migration of c.12,000 Boers from Cape Colony into the South African interior. Their motives were to escape British control and to acquire cheap land. The majority settled in what became Orange Free State, Transvaal, and Natal.
Why did the great Trek occur?
It took place into the interior of Southern Africa in a search of land where they could establish their own homeland, independent of the British Rule
Where did it take place?
Dutch colonists and Southern Africans
Who was involved?
Who was affected?
Starting in 1835, more than 10,000 Boers, the Voortrekkers,left the Cape Colony with their families and went North and North-East.
Southern Africans were getting their territory taken away by British Rule.
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