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Hazel Yadao

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of PLOT DIAGRAM: FAHRENHEIT 451

EXPOSITION RISING ACTION CLIMAX FALLING ACTION RESOLUTION The setting of the book Fahrenheit 451 is centered on an unspecified city. This society is set in a time where people what television and listen to music all day long. When they get angry they take their cars out and drive fast. The society has no concept of feelings and believes that they are happy just because someone tells them that they are. The main character and protagonist, Guy Montag, is a fireman that starts fires to burn books. Guy Montag is married to a woman named Mildred. The antagonist Beatty is the captain of the firehouse. Firemen all round the city burn people’s houses down that have books in them. The society in which Guy Montag lives believes that books cause emotional problems and that books are better left unread. •Guy Montag is walking home from the firestation and meets Clarisse. Clarisse opens Montag’s mind up to a change. She asks him one very simple yet complex question, “Are you happy?” This question was the spark that started Montag’s quest for change. (Page 10) •Montag walks into his home after work and finds his wife laying on her bed lifeless. He knew that his wife attempted to commit suicide. It just added to Clarisse’s question, is he happy? (Page 17) •When Montag woke up the next morning, Mildred had no recollection of her attempted suicide. Montag begins question what his purpose for life is and is questioning his life up until this point. (Page 18) •The Mechanical Hound is introduced and Montag expresses his fear of what the Hound is capable of. (Page 26) • Montag wonders why Clarisse acts the way she does, questioning everyone and everything. She always asks herself ‘why’ and Montag cannot understand why. Montag begins to question things and people around him because of the spark Clarisse implanted in him. (Page 30) • Montag asks firemen Stoneman and Black about what firemen used to do, their real callings in society. The firemen respond and remind him of the rule book that they were given and what they do now for society. (Page 35) • The firestation gets a call to burn down Mrs. Black’s house. When they arrived to light her books on fire Mrs. Black stayed in her house with all of her burning books. This sparks another interest in Montag. He begins asking himself, ‘If books were not important, why would this woman want to die with them?’ (Page 40) • Montag starts talking about the night her had with the woman committing suicide and Mildred doesn’t care. Montag tells Mildred that he doesn’t want to go back to work for awhile and that he is sick. (Page 50) •Montag suspects that Clarisse is dead because he hasn’t seen her in awhile. Mildred confirms his guess and says that she was ran over by a car. (Page 47) • Fire Captain Beatty comes over and wants to talk to Montag. Beatty knows that Montag has a slight interest in books. He warns Montag to burn all of the books that he has because the consequences will not be good. Montag becomes angry because he knows that books are important and Beatty’s argument just helped his theory. Beatty leaves Montags house with a final warning. (Page 61) •Montag begins to realize his first emotion, anger. Montag explains to Mildred that he would like to start reading books behind the firemen’s backs. (Page 64) • Mildred is scared that because Montag is reading books Beatty is going to come back and Montag will be in serious trouble. She pleads with Montag to stop reading but he resists. (Page 68) • Montag needs help in understanding the books that he his reading so Montag contacts an old English professor. (Page 74) • Montag meets up with the English professor Faber and they have a long talk about books and Faber explains to Montag what he can learn and feel emotionally through books. (Page 83) • Montag and Faber come up with a plan to get books back into society. To do this Faber gives Montag an earpiece that he made in order to keep in contact with him at all times. (Page 91) • When Montag goes home his wife has her friends over. Montag finds this the perfect opportunity to share poetry with them. Mildred’s friends Mrs. Bowles and Mrs. Phelps leave their house emotional and frightened about what they just heard. (Page103) • Montag informs Beatty that he is ready to return to work and that he burned all of the books he had. Beatty already knows that Montag is lying and argues with him about the importance of books. Montag not knowing any better fights back and confirms what Beatty thought about Montag and his lie. (Page 105) • Beatty takes Montag to go and burn another house and when the fire truck reaches it’s destination Montag realizes that it is his house that is going to be burnt. He has been caught and there is no turning back now. (Page 110) PLOT DIAGRAM: FAHRENHEIT 451 Guy Montag begins to run-away and is wanted while being chases by helicopters and the Mechanical Hound. (Page 55) Guy plants a book in the Black's home and calls the alarm. They end up burning down their house. (Page 58) Montag gets caught by the Mechanical Hound and is injected in the leg which causes it to go numb. (Page 54) Montag goes into a gas station and realizes his chase is being broadcasted. They also announce that a war is going. (Page 56) Montag flees to Faber's house. Faber is glad to see him alive and they have their last talk before they see each other again in the near future. Faber gave Montag whiskey and old, smelly clothes to keep the Mechanical Hound away from catching Montag's scent. It help Montag continue to have successful runaway. (Page 59) Montag reaches the river and floats along in its path where it'll take him to the countryside. (Page 63) Montag then reaches land and there he meets Granger and other scholars. (Page 66) Granger accepts Montag to be in their pack. They all talk to each other about their life stories, how they got to the countryside, and most importantly they talk about books. (Page 70) Montag, Granger and the rest of the scholars begin to walk down the river stream in hopes to reach the city. There, they hope they'll be able to reconstruct the society. (Page 74) At the end Montag realized where he belongs in this world. Montag, Granger, and the group of scholars are currently walking down the river stream hoping to find the city. When they reach the city they want to persuade people that books aren’t negative things. He’s with a group of people who are just like him who all strive to change and create a new society where books are worthy, where imagination is key, and where thinking was necessary to do all things. Team Celsius | Brianna Mathre | Jordan Roncal | Hazel Yadao Guy Montag kills Captain Beatty: Being one of the most intense moments in the storyline, Guy is surprised to find that the Salamander has stopped in front of his own house, with Mildred going into a taxi with her possessions. He knows that she called the alarm. Captain Beatty then explains to Guy that humans are attracted to fire because it has perpetual motion, the one thing they couldn’t invent. He then tells Guy to burn all the books in their house, but Guy focuses on burning all of Mildred’s things, like her cosmetics, the parlor, and all their possessions in general. He loves the feeling of destroying and burning everything, of the burdens being released. Beatty reminds him that he will be arrested afterwards. By three-thirty in the morning, Beatty and the rest of the firemen watch Montag’s house burn and collapse. Montag asks Beatty if his wife called the alarm, to which the response was yes, but her girlfriends called the alarm as well. He says it was stupid to read poetry aloud, and Montag is still from this. Captain Beatty then starts hitting him, until the earpiece falls out. He picks it up, telling Montag that they will trace it and find his “friend”. At this point, enough is enough, and Montag points the flamethrower at Beatty. Beatty taunts Montag, acting calm while saying how pointing a gun can attract a crowd. He recites poetry, and Guy flips the safety. He then proceeds to burn Beatty alive, while he screams and rolls on the ground. He then ends up like a wax doll by the time he stops screaming. Guy moves to knock two firemen out, as well as melt the Hound. He is injected with the morphine needle of the dog, and limps away, knowing what damage he has caused. PRIMARY CONFLICT Guy Montag vs. Society: At the beginning of this novel, Guy Montag was just another person in this unusual society. He loved the feeling of burning things, specifically books. When he meets Clarisse McClellan, for the first time in his life, he begins to question the ethics of the society that he lives in. At this moment, the “man vs. society” conflict begins, and he begins to argue with Mildred, Beatty, and the rest of the citizens of the town. The conflict, along with Guy’s desire to read, ultimately causes him to leave his wife to leave him and for him to burn his house down. He also incinerates Captain Beatty, and incapacitates two other firemen, marking him as a criminal to his city. He lives his life incognito with the “book jackets” after his escape. The conflict is solved when the city is destroyed by jet bombers, therefore destroying the “society” aspect of the conflict, and making way for the renewal of man.
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