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TFS operator prezi

A presentation about The First Star for Union Secretaries.

Steven Miles

on 20 August 2009

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Transcript of TFS operator prezi

The First Star Why ethical hotels? Low pay
Injury rates Plus some of their hotels are
near the water... "We've got to protect our hotels," he said. "We've got a lot of beachfront hotels.
We don't want two feet of water in the lobbies.
We're also in New York City. We have a lot of coastal properties,
which I worry about the ocean rising and coming right in, in places it's
not supposed to come." The industries' solutions... LHMU has conducted extensive customer research:
1. Customers are highly sceptical of the industries' green wash efforts
2. They don't think much about the workers' conditions, but many care once they learn
3. They're fascinated by what happens behing the scenes. How can you help? Ethical Hotels
Ethical Luxury
Ethical Travel Sign up today
Encourage members in your area
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