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Erika Mae R

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Chile

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Usually given for birthdays and Christmas
No scissors or Knives
No purple or black flowers
No yellow roses

Gift Giving

Firm handshake
Direct eye contact
Close contact when talking
Surnames and titles
Women pat each other on the right forearm or shoulder or kiss the right cheek
Gestures to avoid include slapping your right fist into your open left arm (considered obscene) and an open palm with the fingers spread (denotes stupidity).

Tapati Festival
Easter Island
January and February
Grape Harvest
Date varies every year depending on location
Independence Day
September 18
Armed Forces Day
September 19

Holidays and Celebrations
Food and Cuisine
Seafood, wine, meats and vegetables are staples
Four meals a day
17.4 million people
65th most populated country in the world
Santiago-6.5 million
Concepcion- 902,000
Valparaiso- 806,000
Commuting and Traveling
Commuter rail
White stripe represents snow
Red represents blood
Blue represents blue Chilean skies
White star represents honor and pride
Designed in 1817
Antonio Arcos
Very close to Andes Mountains and Pacific Ocean
6.3 million people
Great transportation
Gran Torre Santiago
Tourist Attractions
Gran Torre Santiago
Various Markets
Cerro San Cristóbal
Two thirds Catholic
16% Protestant
Abortion is illegal
Divorce was illegal until 2004
Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago
People can marry who they wish
Chileans usually marry at a young age
Informal termination of marriage when divorce was illegal
Cohabitation before marriage is very rare
Living Expenses
Loaf of Bread is 700 Chilean pesos = $1.14
A kg of apples is Chile $1.22 compared to $3.84 U.S.
A meal at McDonalds $5.73 compared to $6.50
A liter of milk is 680 pesos ($1.11) compared to $1.
A kg of cheese $9.74 compared to $9.58
Gas- $5.48
1 bedroom apartment
Santiago- $520
Chicago- $1,800
Buying an apartment in Chicago is about twice the price of Santiago
Average salary in the U.S. is 2.5 times that in Chile
Found on Southwestern coast
North, South, East West
Own lots of land
Easter Island
Juan Fernandez Island
Parts of Antarctic Territory
Separated into 13 districts
Based off of America
Under 1890 Chilean Constitution
They use the Chilean Pesos
Tipping 10%
Exchange Rates
610.00 CHP to 1.00 US dollar
9 months and waiting
Alone and for Recreation
a Chile!

Environmental care
Main Language: Spanish (Castellano)
Chilean Sign Language
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