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Inquiry 1E06

Jess Blackwood

on 20 September 2015

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Transcript of Communication

Group 2 Presents...

The 6 P's
Sherry Turkle: Connected, but Alone?
DIE Approach
How does our generation use
tools to communicate?
Are our tools helping or hindering communication?
How to Improve Communication skills
Evolution of Verbal Communication
Body Language 101
Coping with Stress
Listening Actively
John Wendt
What's the point?
Group Process
Jumping-off Point:
Sherry Turkle's TedTalk
Group brainstorm +
Picking topic
Inter-group Meeting + Feedback
DIE: A Way to Improve Communication
Ie. "Each time I see Harry he's wearing faded torn jeans."
-What we sense
-Not assigning meaning
"Harry likes to be comfortable."
"Harry doesn't care about his appearance."
-To assign meaning
-What we think or believe about what we sense
One interpretation could be:
Another could be:
"Harry comes from a poor family."
"I don't associate with people like that."
"I like him; poor
people are more real."
-To pass judgement, make comparisons, accept or reject
-How you feel about what you sense
-personal opinion and emotion
"We should give him a gift certificate."
Making distinctions between these statements can help our interpersonal relations
minimize confusion, reduce conflict and increase effectiveness
Why is body language important?
To send the right message to others and to understand messages that others send to us
Hands on hips
Legs wide
Invading Personal Space
Aggressive gesturing
Standing "over" someone
Closed - Aggressive
Crossed arms or legs
Hunched shoulders
Poor eye contact
Leaning away
Good eye contact
Slight lean in
Head nodding
Encouraging comments
Closed - Defensive
Avoiding eye contact
Closed -Nervous
Shifting weight
Touching face
Looking at watch
Closed - Bored
Open - Interested
What does body language consist of?
Projects are stressful!! How can we make sure we're not taking our frustrations out on our group!
1. Be aware of when you're getting overwhelmed!
Take a small walk
Use "I" statements

When I _____ I feel _____. I would like_______.
2. Address this in a way that works for you
Summarize and Repeat what was said
Show interest
Ask probing questions if/when appropriate
Kevin's Feedback
- Group process is as important as product

- Idea of survey? Anonymity is important

- In the end, decided against involving ethics
Divided Responsibilities
"Primate Vocalization, Gesture and the Evolution of Human Language" (2008) Arbib, Liebal and Pika
- Evolution of communication on an individual basis, throughout one's lifetime
- Scholars usually agree that gestures precede vocalization and language
- Believed that protosign (meanings tied to gestures) and vocalization evolved alongside speech (Hewes, 1973)
- The "mirror system hypothesis" suggests that neurobiological mechanisms for speech are linked to mechanisms for gestures
The Mirror System Hypothesis
Support: Biological evidence
Broca's area (speech production) becomes activated when grasping hand gestures are performed
Hypothesis opposes previous theories positing that vocal communication evolved from calls between members
Main focus is on gesture; imitation-based model
Texting has become a major facet of day to day communication.
Texting has allowed us to remove ourselves from the present.
Goldilocks Effect
We are now able to edit our "image" through technology.
Applications such as Siri are replacing human interactions.
Not too close, not too far.
"If we don't teach our children to be alone, they will only know how to be lonely."
Technology provides us automatic listeners.
We have sacrificed conversation for connection.
"I share, therefore I am"
The Social Brain Hypothesis” , Robin I.M. Dunbar
- Posits that large brain sizes are a result of need for "complex social interactions"
- Would have allowed for increased fitness* of homo sapiens groups - more collaboration, and communication
- Large brains require more energy; therefore, any increase in size must be of critical significance
- Social interactions between primates are some of the most complex in the animal world
Supporting evidence:
- Neocortex is associated with thought, reasoning and personality and is very large in humans
- Human neocortex:medulla ratio is highest of primates
Identified Sub "Questions"
Teach & Share
Decided on Prezi as mode of presentation
Taught each other
Group Evals
Meeting with Kevin
Meeting with Kevin
Final Debrief

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Advances Created by Communication Technology On a Global Level
Divides Created by Communication Technology On a Global Level
Quick and low cost

Fast response in times of need

Exchange ideas and build on one another’s ideas
Freedom of speech and expression, part of the democratic process

Education and equality

Learning and contributing to the learning of others

Offers many learning styles
o Increased speed and reduced costs of communication

o Breaks geographic barrier: Long-distance communication

o Easy access to information regarding global events

o Does not require personal contact to view information

o Computer software needed is readily available

o Allows easy storage and organization of activities

o Concurrence and acceptance
o Helps to efficiently plan events and gatherings by contacting multiple people at once

o Makes sharing of information with a large number of people more convenient (i.e. Google Docs)

o Easy for group members to express ideas without personal contact
Obstructs Personal Communication
o Dependent on impersonal social contact (unaccustomed to using verbal skills)

o Hinders our ability and confidence to communicate

o Reduces the average length of communications

o Texting and calling replaces face-to-face interactions and conversations

o Harms ability to deal with conflict

o Damages personal relationships
Inability to Convey Emotion
o Difficult to establish personal touch

o Meaning can be lost

o Misinterpretations can occur
World Communication
divide between those that have communication technology and those that do not
inequality within developing countries
Advances Continued
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