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No description

Emina Visnic

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of POGON_DeVos_Strategic_1.1

production plant
To provide quality and reliable service for the production, presentation, mediation and affirmation of independent contemporary artistic and cultural practices and the active participation of youth in cultural and other activities in Zagreb.
The City of Zagreb
The Alliance Operation City
public-civil partnership
co-ownership / co-decision-making
independent programming
operational financing & venues
budget 2013
City Budget Line
$ 122,000
Own income
$ 80,000
$ 13,000
$ 215,000
Pogon Jedinstvo
Pogon Mislavova
on the river bank
in the city center
modular multi-functional spaces
Open Platform Programming
unique institution
The only public institution and the only venue dedicated to independent cultural and to youth organizations in Zagreb
The first (and only) example of long-term and stable, institu-tionalized partnership between public and civil sector in HR
quality, distinctive, diverse and balanced program
Produce and promote emerging artists and cutting-age art through partnerships (local, European)
To develop a year-long season
Gather, motivate & organize external art directors (orgs) to plan in advance
Series of special thematic events "Pogonization", each produced by 2-3 organizations
attractive, accessible, specially designed and well-equipped venue
Flexible, multifunctional halls
Make it even more flexible with additional rooms
Free unlimited lease - venue owned by the City that does not care much about it
Keep the lease & push the venue to strategic priority of the City
Substandard venue
Venue respecting standards: vent & heating, service rooms, offices, equipment....
Only program premises --- event-based functioning
Social gathering, working & presenting venue open throughout day --- working open space, residence studio, bar/resto, info-center, "playa"
unused and neglected exterior
physical connection to river bank + outdoor stage + park with playground and sport facilities
To get support of stakeholders and community
Engage the neighborhood
Engage artistic community, cultural and youth organizations
Lobby decision-makers and get their support (financial, political)
The City of Zagreb, The Ministry of Culture, The Ministry of Regional Development & EU Funds
Produce architectural / technical documentation & obtain legal permits
Produce feasibility studies, cost-benefit analysis, log-frame
To prepare documentation to high standards
To raise visibility of the issue and the project
Develop relations with the media
Produce and distribute on-line content
Promote Jedinstvo and its bright future through special events
Get majority of funds from ERDF
To secure major capital investment
Get majority of funds from City's capital investments budget
To secure matching funds
Fundraising campaign for small individual gifts
Get support from corporate sector & SMEs
Bring greater art and even more exciting programmes
Provide new services for well-being of young people
Raise attractiveness of the neighborhood
Develop new creative businesses and secure new jobs
The reconstruction will:
Attract tourism
Open system based programming - not defined in terms of aesthetic criteria or strong programmatic / curatorial concept.
Let's build the future.
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