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Miciah Witherspoon

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Tragic hero Michael Jackson The End Miciah Witherspoon At the age of 6 Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 started their career. With the help of Gladys Knight they signed a deal with Motown Records and under the creative guidance of Berry Gordy came out with their first hit single "I Want You Back". This song set forth a trend of hits continued for years with songs like "Dancin Machine" , "ABC", "Stop the Love You Save", and many more. The Jackson 5 At the age of 13 and in addition to working with his brothers, Michael began his solo career. He made songs like "Got to be There" and "Ben" his first solo # 1 hit. In 1975 the group moved from Motown to CBS/Epic Records for more control over their recording and creativity. This move was made without Jermaine(Michael's older brother). Mike, on his own ? Throughout the years Michael began to separate more and more from his musical family. In 1982 Michael created the album Thriller that would go down in history. Thriller topped the Billboard charts and remained number one for an unprecedented 37 weeks and was in the top ten for 80 weeks an all-time record. Thriller had six #1 hits and it also earned him 12 Grammy awards. Not only the album but the music video gained him recognition,the video was 13min long and was movie like. This music video challenged the original dimensions and limitations of cinematography, it was ahead of its time and state of the art. Thriller sold approx. 52,953,761 world wide in 1981 and 1982 not to mention albums sold after his death makes this the No 1 album ever sold, with bad at No 5 and Dangerous No 13. Thriller Andre Atkins Danielle Youmbi Khalil Dias Down Fall Michael signed a Pepsi endorsement deal for 50 million dollars and in a film shooting for the commercial he burned his face and scalp. After this accident he reportedly began to experiment with plastic surgery. The pigmentation of his skin started to eerily lighten. Rumors started to spread about the reasoning for the skin change and Jackson's sexual orientation. However through all of this Jackson's album Bad, a follow-up to the record setting Thriller, had five #1 hits including "The Way You Make Me Feel" and "Bad". tragedy strikes: downfall and tragic flaw leads to the struggle. Michael Jackson loved children and had a kind and gentle heart. This kindness became Micheal's tragic flaw. He was apparently too nice. Michael regularly had children stay the night at his house and allowed children to play exclusively at his personal amusement park, Never Neverland. In 1993 there were allegations of child molestation against Michael. A 13 year old boy claimed Michael "fondled him". life after downfall In 2004 more accusations relating to the molestation charges emerged. Micheal's reputation was tarnished. If people weren't calling him gay, he was a child molester. Michael ran out of money and was forced to borrow from the prince of Bahrain, Salman Bin Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa. He reportedly wired Michael more than 7 million dollars. in 2009. Michael suffered major damage to his reputation and his popularity took a hit too. Adeyomi Adenekan By: The Jackson 5 Off The Wall After Michael's role in the production of the Wiz, off the wall was released. (August 10, 1979)By this time Michael was well versed in the musical industry yet collaborated with Quincy Jones in order to create this record. With hits like, Workin Day And Night, Rock With You, Off the Wall, She's Out of My Life, and Dont stop Til You Get Enough, Off the Wall became the first album by a solo artist to generate four US top 10 hits. Bad Five years after Thriller's success Michael yet again came out with another album. still with the collaboration of Quincy Jones Michael made the album Bad. This Album sold between 40 to 45 million copies worldwide, shipped 8 million units in the United States alone, and has been cited as the fifth best selling album of all time. The album was the first to produced five Hot 100 number ones. With hits like "Bad", "The Way You Make Me Feel" , "Smooth Criminal", and "Dirty Diana" the bad album while not exactly matching the success of thriller still was widely popular. Death June 25 2009(50yrs) Michael Jackson went into cardiac arrest then later died at the hospital. throughout his life he captivated audiences and inspired the world and today is still remembered as a hero.
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