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Serial Killers

No description

Elizabeth Dunne

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Serial Killers

A young woman attends her mother's funeral...

She sees a man in the row in front of her and instantly falls in love...

Three days later she kills her sister.

Peter Stumpp
He was a wealthy German farmer accused of being a serial killer and a cannibal in the 1500s.

Known as the "Werewolf of Bedberg"
"The Cannibal of Ziębice"
Active between 1905 and 1924
Number of victims exceeded 30
Karl Denke
Method of murder was beating with an axe
Preyed on men and women
Jourymen and the homeless
Sold the flesh of his victims as 'pork' in the local market
Pickled the flesh of his victims in jars
He confessed to terrible crimes. Over the course of twenty-five years, Stumpp said, he murdered and partially consumed fourteen children and two pregnant women, as well as drank the blood of all sorts of local livestock. Stumpp tore the fetuses out of the women while they were still alive, and he called them ‘dainty morsels.’ One of the children he killed was his own son, and he ate the boy’s brain.
Serial Killers
Criteria for Serial Killers
Life and Death
Ran away from home at the age of 12
Organ player at church
Arrested in 1924
Commited suicide in his cell two days after being arrested
Last photo taken of Karl Denke
E. Hickey defines a serial killer as "someone who, through premeditation, kills three or more peole over a period of time."
Killings have certain characteristics (motive, victim type, relationship with victim, sex, time period)
The need for dominance
Kill for fun, power and/or pleasure
The terms
serial killer
serial murder
were created in the 1980's
Darya Saltykova
Number of victims: 38-139
Date of arrest: May 17th, 1764
Enriqueta Marti Ripolles (1868-1913)
Russian noblewoman
Accused of torturing up to 100 of her servants
Complaints were mostly ignored due to the low status of the victims
Catherine the Great eventually had Saltykova incarcerated
Imprisoned in solitary confinement in the basement of a Convent until her death
Spanish child murderer, kidnapper and procuress
Born: Unknown

Victims: 18 or more

Span of killings: 1564-1589

Country: Holy Roman Empire

Year apprehended: 1589

Criminal penalty: Death

Cause of death: Execution
Lived a double life:
-By day, dressed as a homeless woman and took children who also looked homeless
-At night she dressed in elaborate clothing and attended casinos and other places in which the wealthy gathered
-Sold children into prostitution or murdered them
-Made 'potions' from the remains of children
-sold to the wealthy as tuberculosis cures
-Often drained children of their blood
-believed it would make her immortal

His first victums were livestock. The other farmers suspected wolves were responsible, but this was not the case.

"For many years, farmers around Bedburg were mystified by the strange deaths of some of their cows. Day after day for many weeks, they would find cattle dead in the pastures, ripped open as if by some savage animal."
He soon advanced to murdering women and children.

"Some even began to fear a more devious creature - a werewolf, who could walk among them unsuspected as a man, then transform into a wolf to satisfy its hunger."

Stumpp claimed that the Devil had given him a belt made of wolf pelt, and when he put it on he transformed into a werewolf.
(Depiction of Peter Stumpp's execution)
On October 28, 1589 Stumpp was executed. His body was strapped on large wheel; with red-hot pinchers, his executioners pulled his flesh from his bones in ten spots; his arms and legs were broken with a large axe; his head was cut off. Then, on October 31 (Halloween!) his body was burned at the stake.
In Summary...
Marti earned the title "Vampiress of Barcelona"
-Newspaper story written after Marti's death
-Describes her practices, and what was found by police
-Newspaper story
"Graphic Chronical"
"Two Girls Abducted in Barcelona"
Common Mental Traits of
-Antisocial Personality Disorder
-Impulsive Aggression
-Narcissistic Personality Disorder
-Childhood trauma and/or abuse
-Feelings of isolation or a disconnect from society
-Desire for power
Serial Killers
Do you think like a serial killer?
Would reportedly become furious for no apparent reason
Would throw objects, such as logs, at her serfs when they angered her
Began to habitually beat, whip and torture the young girls to death
Complaints against her filed by the servants families were left mostly unacknowledged
After an uproar from the victims families she finally convicted and arrested
Imprisoned for the murders of 38 women, almost 100 less than the actual number of victims
Would live out the next eleven years in the dark and isolated basement a monastery
In 1779 she was transferred
By this point she'd gone made
She would die two years later at the age of 71
One of the victim's husband fled the estate in 1762 and accused Saltyjova of her crimes before Empress Catherine II
An investigation was ordered into Darya
After conviction, she would be publicly tried to make an example to other criminals
Saltykova was unrepentant and fully believed that she would escape punishment for her crimes
The death penalty had been abolished in Russia in 1754
As a result Saltykova was sentenced to life imprisonment
By Anna, Elsa, Elisabeth and Elizabeth
Answer: For the oportunity to see the man again.
"A man covered in blood ran into a police station. He swore by all things holy that it was Denke who did this to him. The policemen could not beliegve it possible that poor, nice, Karl, enjoying unimpeachable opinion in a town of eight thousand, would do such a thing to this bloodied wretch of a beggar."
The Cannibal
Was Caught
In Stumpp's own words, he became... “a greedy, devouring wolf, strong and mighty, with eyes great and large, which in the night sparkled like fire; a mouth great and wide, with most sharp and cruel teeth, a huge body, and mighty paws."
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