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Tech on the Tyne

No description

Dughall McCormick

on 6 July 2018

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Transcript of Tech on the Tyne

Navigating the tech-related mental-health minefield
There's something I'm worried about
Critical thinking Building resilience
More than one way of looking at things
Look more carefully
Dughall McCormick
Sifting fact
from fiction
Natasha Devon
Using fake websites
Why do people lie?
In conclusion
Use technology as a force for good
Identify and celebrate examples of technology being used a force for good
Build resilience
Encourage, promote and teach critical thinking: Is this true? How true is this?
And finally...
"The like button has become a subconscious source of anxiety. We search for a sense of validation through other people showing their approval of our lives.
“Guys, my like-to-minute ratio isn’t high enough”, “I’m going to wait for Instagram prime-time to post”, “She tagged me in a post the other day and I gained like 10 followers!”. "
"We can go to Specsavers or Boots to have a vision check and be fitted with glasses to see the world more clearly. Where can we go to ‘see’ the virtual world more clearly?"
Bryony McCormick (Age 17)

Creating fake websites
"...Copy and paste this post to your timeline..."
"To get out of trouble"
"To trick people"
"To get what they want"
Finally finally...
"As a teacher, you have duty. You can change a life."
"Be like Mr Donaghue"
Ruth Fox
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