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Taking Flight

No description

shaundrea kenyon

on 3 February 2017

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Transcript of Taking Flight

Taking Flight
One of Michaela's biggest challenges was her years between age 3 and age 5, during these times,Michaela's father died ,Michaela also had to watch her mother die as her Uncle abused her,she was then put in and orphanage where she then had to watch her teacher be brutally murdered by the debils (who also killed her father),however out of these hardships she was adopted along with her best friend by the most loving parents possible, and through this,michaela became a ballerina,and even though she finally got to live her dream f becoming a ballerina,she still grew apart from her sister and missed alot of quality times for ballet.Michaela made her dream come true,and had a movie made about her,however after the movie was published,people pretended to be her parents which really hurt Michaela emotionally,because she knew that they weren't and it brought back her memories of her parents dying.
About the Author
Victoria Noelle Kenyon lives in Grantham,NewHampshire
Victoria is 12 years old and she attends Mount Royal Academy in Sunappee,NewHampshire.Victoria has 2 pets, plays soccer and softball,and likes writing.
Personal Information

Michaela's birth name is Mabinty Bangura
Michaela was born in Sierra Leone on January 6,1995
Michaela currently lives in Amsterdam,Netherlands
Michaela is currently 22 years old
If i had to chose a favorite book,it would definitely be this book,Michaela's story is sad,and it's also a little scary,but it makes me look up to Michaela to see that she lived through these hardships.Michaela in an inspiration to me and many others,she shows us that we can reach our goals if we work hard and set our minds to it.Michaela shows us that life will not always be easy,and that sometimes we will have to sacrifice things for the people and things we love.Michaela worked hard to get to where she is and deserves to be there.

Taking Flight
Michaela and Elaine Deprince
Random House Children's Books,a division of Penguin Random House LLC
Published in NewYork
Published in 2014

Michaela went on tour with the Albany Berkshire Ballet
Michaela was featured in many magazines and was featured on Dancing with the Stars
Michaela danced with The Dance Thetre of Harlem (or DTH)(a neoclassical company)for 1 year but realized that she wanted to dance with a classical company
Michaela was offered a position in the American Ballet Theatre classical Company,although she wanted to join,she couldn't because she was alreadysigned with DTH.
Michaela auditioned for the Dutch National Ballet company (one of the top classical companies in the world)and was accepted
Michaela was invited by the United Nations to be a spokesperson for children affected by war
Michaela was also invited to participate in the Women in the World confrence at Lincolon Center
Michaela was in the Huffington Post "18 under 18" list of Most Amazing Young People of the Year
Best Known For....
Michaela DePrince is best known for being a famous ballerina,her book taking flight,and her movie First Position.
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