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People Who Saved Jews

No description

Kallie Ott

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of People Who Saved Jews

By Kallie Ott People Who Saved Jews Denmark Jews Types of Rescuers Raoul Wallenberg Germany creates law in Denmark
German businessman warning
Neighbors helped the Jews
Almost all saved
7200/7800 (approx. 92.31%) to Sweden Zegota Polish Underground Organization
September 1942
Social Welfare
20,000 Jews saved in Warsaw Orphanages
Different Religious Backgrounds
Eastern Orthodox
ex. French Protestant village (3000-5000)
ex. Underground networks France, Belgium, Italy by Catholic clergy and lay Catholics Swedish Diplomat
fake documents
Changed protection papers
Safe houses
Auschwitz Train Interception
Never seen again Raoul Wallenberg Carl Lutz Giorgio Perlasca The Ten Booms Christian family of 6
Father, 4 Children, 1 Grandson
Hid Jews in house (up to 7 at a time)
Saved estimated 800
Betrayed but Jews and refugees hiding were never found (3/4 Jews there survived war)
Daughter Corrie survived Ten Boom Family Corrie Ten Boom Oskar Schindler Member of Nazi Party
Opened a factory (Emalia) making defected ammunition
Used at least 1400 Jews in nearby concentration camp for workers
Arrested 3x
Jews transferred, moved factory
Assistant made list
Need 1200 Jews Oskar Schindler The Bulgarian People 11,000 Jews deported
Angered key people
Led to protest
King reversed decisions
Jews were not deported Consequences Death
Deportation to labor camps
Jail Time Chiune Sugihara Japanese general
Estimated 6000 visas
mainly Polish Jews in Lithuania
Go to other countries
U.S.A., Canada, Australia, and South America
Forced retire
believed for visas Chiune Sugihara Varian Fry American Journalist
Emergency Rescue Committee
Aid refugees in France
Undercover French organization
Black market funds
Forged documents
Mountain routes Varian Fry Carl Lutz Swiss diplomat
10,000 children Hungary to Palestine
Negotiation through letters
"misunderstood" 8000 FAMILIES
Safe houses
Saved 62,000
Reprimanded for exceeding authority
but was restored Giorgio Perlasca Italian diplomat in Budapest
Captured by Hungary
Medical Pass
Refuge in Spanish Embassy
Became "Jorge"
Spanish citizen rights
Perlasca claims to be a succesor of the Head of the Spanish mission Individuals Many more!
Hid people in:
and more!
Endless amounts of people saved
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