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HS Success Emporium

No description

Jonathan Voss

on 23 June 2010

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Transcript of HS Success Emporium

ALC NSO Social Networking Open Track Statewide sharing
www.mnlearningcommons.org Vision: By 2012
all teachers have an online presence
all students have access
in all courses Universal Program Model Serving Millenials in Times of Whitewater Change C-Train New framework for engagement - career oriented
- flexible but structured
- not bound by time and space
- filling gaps in learning
- preparing for the next level
Option for students that had very poor attendance.
Way to stay connected while going through a difficult time
Earned more than they would have by dropping out
Utilized community resources
Very close to graduation (only needing a few credits).
Mental health conditions make coming to school on a regular basis impossible
Need for ineternship or mentorship opportunities Innovation
across time
across distance
across cultures

Jobs of the Future Best of ALC
Experiential, hands-on learning
Individualized feedback
Interactive group instruction
Service learning
Project-based learning
Career tech training
Supportive community
Best of Online
Web 2.0 Tools
Modular student-centric approach
Review and repetition at own pace
Focus for long periods as needed
Expanded connections
24/7 access
Individualized pace
Responding to schools in AYP
Low-income students attending schools not making AYP for 3+ years
Must be a Title 1 school
3 goals: increase chievement, provide quality options, incent districts to improve
51 state approved SES providers
Great results for K-6
improve communications
successful in raising awareness and connections
responding positively, no issues thus far
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