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Copy of Writing essay hooks: how to catch the reader's attention.

Many different types of hooks can be used to catch the reader's attention. The hook is at the beginning of paragraph one, before the thesis.

Argie Kantilierakis

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Writing essay hooks: how to catch the reader's attention.

1. Ask a question.
2. Describe a scenario
3. Use a quote
4. State an interesting fact or statistic.
5. Make an interesting observation.
6. Tell a story.
7. Start with an idea opposite of
what you really think.
This type of hook seems to be
the easiest for students to write.

Why ask a question? A question can
be a neutral way to introduce a topic
without telling your own view. Question
hooks are used frequently on TV.

A local city votes to cut the police department;
what was their choice?
Should a 14 year old be charged as an adult? Describe a scenario
(a short story) Catching the reader's attention:
writing hooks Ask a question. A scenario doesn't have to be true or
be a personal experience.

A man approaches a little girl
in the park and asks her to help
him find his lost dog. Types of hooks: Use a quote State an interesting fact or statistic Example:
The number one cause of death for pregnant women is murder. Make an interesting observation. Examples:
The price of gas seems to increase before the weekend or holiday and declines after that. Tell a story Example: Our car started to cough and hiccup as it slowed down. The desert sun affected both man and machine in the 102 degree heat. Miles from nowhere with no cell phone, we were on our own. State the opposite of what you really think. Example: At 39 years of age, I was afraid of going back to college surrounded by younger students who knew how to take notes, use computers, and stayed up all night to study. What I didn't see at first was that the younger students partied more and had less discipline. How NOT to start an essay No announcements!
Examples: 1. I am going to explain ....
2. In this paper I will talk about .......
3. I will write about ...... Evil reigns when good men do nothing. Not by might, nor by strenghth, but by my spirit says the Lord. Conclusion
Hooks are always at the beginning of an essay, before the thesis in the introductory paragraph. Your hook introduces the topic in an interesting way so that the reader will be 'hooked' on what you are writing about. BORING!!
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