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Vietnamese Mythology

No description

Dana Trinh

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Vietnamese Mythology

By: Dana Trinh Vietnamese Mythology Creation Myth and Khong Lo Khong Lo, a primordial god, separated the sky and Earth with support columns to help support the sky.
His breath made the wind, and his voice made thunder.
When he saw that the propping up of the sky had “taken", he broke off the uppermost portions of the support columns and transformed them into stars in the sky (or in some myths into various mountain peaks or islands).
When he had dug out the Earth to build the columns, oceans were formed. Creation Myth cont. Khong Lo set up 4 sacred beasts to guard the remnants of the 4 columns on Earth.
Long(dragon) guarded the Eastern column.
Lan(hybrid creature) guarded the Western column.
Quy(a giant tortoise) guarded the Northern column.
Phung(a giant bird) guarded the Southern column.
A goddess, Giat Hai, made the mist and clouds, and Khong Lo fell in love with her and proposed marriage to her. Ngoc Hoang Technically, a god because in some myths, he is the eldest child of Khong Lo and Giat Hai.
Sometimes presented as Ong Troi.
He rules over the Vietnam pantheon and heavenly home of the gods.
He is also in charge of each god and human's destiny.
While his father was creating geographical features of the Earth to convince Giat Hai to marry him, he created the animals on Earth.
When he created people, the Twelve Heavenly Midwives who are his divine assistants and celestial artists sculpted the faces and made it look different and unique. Giat Hai First goddess and companion of the primordial god, Khong Lo
Her tears of loneliness made the world's oceans, and she feared that she is the only one existed in the world until she found Khong Lo.
She gave him challenges to test his strength, and she defeats him every time because she was stronger.
He would always ask her in marriage. Major Myths of Ngoc Hoang Originally, he wanted human beings to live forever by shedding their skins and rejuvenating themselves when they reached old age. He let a god Thu Rep to teach humanity how to do it. On the way, he found himself surrounded by deadly snakes that they intimidated him to teach them the secret of rejuvenation by skin-shedding instead of to human beings. When Ngoc Hoang learned how Thu Rep had cost people their chance at immortality, he exiled him from the heavens and transformed him into the insects called Dung Beetles as punishment. Ngoc Hoang had assigned a deity named Chuot Nhat to guard over the Heavenly granary of the gods, where they stored their grain that grew as large as trees. He took advantage of his position to steal more of the grain. As punishment, Ngoc Hoang exiled him to the Earth and transformed him into the animals called mice, condemning them to forever be trying to steal grain and other foods from people just to survive. A giant banyan tree grew all the way to the Eighteenth Heaven above the Eighteenth Heaven serving as a sky-ladder so that human beings could climb up and seek audiences with Ngoc Hoang in person. As people grew more and more mean-spirited and greedy in nature they were taking up more and more of Ngoc Hoang’s time with their complaints about each other and their requests for favors. Growing impatient with all this, Ngoc Hoang struck down the top of the sky-ladder to prevent humans from being able to ascend to the home of the gods anymore. Mat Ga Trong (Sun Rooster) Vietnamese sun goddess
Daughter of Ngoc Hoang
Sister of the moon goddess
Ah Nhi, god of fire, is her son
Carries the sun, adorned with rooster images, to the sky to give the world warmth and light Trang Chim (Moon Swan) Vietnamese moon goddess
Also the daughter of Ngoc Hoang
Sister of the sun goddess
Carries the moon, adorned with swam images, to the sky to lighten the night Con Gau (Bear) Vietnamese bear god
husband of both of the sun goddess and moon goddess
Solar and lunar eclipses are said to be caused by him having relations with his wives. Lieu Hanh Goddess of women in the workplace, love, mothers, and beauty
Daughter of Ngoc Hoang Lac Long Quan Vietnamese Hercules and founder-hero
Son of a mountain god and water dragon
Saved Au Co, daughter of Ngoc Hoang, from a giant black vulture Lac Long Quan and Au Co They both fell in love and got married since Lac Long Quan was a deity in the dragon bloodline and Au Co was a deity in the sky bloodline.
A year later, Au Co gave birth to hundred eggs which produced hundred male deities.
That's when the origin of the Vietnamese race started.
They had to go on their separate ways as a result of half the children goes with Lac Long Quan by the sea and half the children goes with Au Co by the mountains. Than Giong Vietnamese god of war and one of the four Immortals Tan Vien Guardian of the mountains and one of the four Immortals
God of hunting and the jungle with all its gifts including wood from trees, fruits, leaves and roots with medicinal and other purposes Thien Loi God of thunder
in charge of punishing criminals, blasphemers, and the seriously immoral
His weapons are two axes, a bronze one to kill humans and a stone one to kill animals and demons. Long Vuong Father of Lac Long Quan
Vietnamese deity who rules over the seas and is the patriarch of all the deities of the dragon bloodline as his brother Ngoc Hoang is patriarch of all the deities of the heavenly bloodline
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