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7.09 World History Module Project

No description

Drewbella Blake

on 1 August 2015

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Transcript of 7.09 World History Module Project

7.09 World History Module Project
World War II began due to the result of World War I and the aftermath of it was caused. Shortly after Germany surrender during World War I, many people in Europe felt that Germany was to blame for the disastrous war. They wanted to punish Germany, to make them pay for their death and destruction. They created the Treaty of Versailles.
World War 1 and World War II have an 11 year gap. After World War 1, there weren't plans to start another war. World War II happened because we were too harsh on Germany, and we oppressed them to the point of retaliation.
My Thesis
World War II was not a continutaion of World War I.
Therefore, World War II was not, in fact, a continuation of World War I.
Struggling to meet the demands of the Treaty of Versailles, Germany grew reliant on borrowing vast sums of money from America in order to pay its war debt to England and France. Then in 1929, the United States experienced an economic depression. As a result, America was unable to continue lending money to Germany during this time making the country unable to pay its war reparation to England and France.
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