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SUGAR prezzie


Amanda Thorsen

on 19 March 2010

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Transcript of SUGAR prezzie

SUGAR NATURAL ALTERNATIVES: life without sugar would be boring and dull and we all know that sugar isnt very good for you so we have alternatives sugar Honey is a very sweet substance which you can get naturally so it CAN be healthier than normal sugar you can get agave nectar which is found in plants which is sweeter than normal sugar and should be used in less amounts! 3 cups of sugar = 1 cup of agave sugar! rice syrup (brown rice) but it doesnt taste good with cooked goods. date sugar (grinded dates) can be used exactly like sugar but healthier! xylitol can also be used as sugar and it is found in plants fruits and... TOOTH PASTE aprox 1 teaspoon of calorie free Stevia, can sub for 1 cup of sugar.
made from sweet leaved plants Sugar VS. Honey honey triggers A.D.D syntoms honey is sweeter than sugar by volume need LESS honey when baking/cooking honey is presented as a healthy alternative for sugar raw honey comb has health benifits (helps clear up hay fever) honey is basically sugar and still calorifics but not as much as sugar honey has a stronger flavouring so you dont need to use alot less than you would with sugar honey has not been processed as much as white sugar has real honey is better than sugar cuase it is natural! How much do we need? We need 12 teaspoons added sugars for a 2000 calorie per day diet. There seems to be no limit of natural sugars (fruit etc. why do we need it? sugar is turned into glucose & glycogen which you need in your body it helps enable some of the most important functions in your body e.g digestion & respiration sugar is another source of energy that the body uses Not Enough? our cells in our bodies rely on glucose to create
certain proteins and amino acids. not enough sugar= less energy
and body unable to repair itself as quickly
or operate at full capacity. processed sugar is pretty bad but
friuts are okay. important to keep blood sugar level as
close to normal as possible as this may
triger diabetes health range for diabetes is between 90-130 mg/dl diabetes food pyramid
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