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Fresh & Grey Water

This guide will inform you of what to do with fresh and grey water when travelling in your campervan or camper.

Tura Guides

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of Fresh & Grey Water

The water system on your campervan can range from a 20-litre (5-gallon) plastic water container found on a budget sleepervan, to pressurised hot and cold systems with kitchens and showers and storage tanks for freedom camping and electric flushing toilets.. Rinse with water if available the cassette MUST be carefully re-housed and the ‘latch’ engaged Thank you for viewing this turaguide TM & grey water fresh © Turakina Limited 2011 for campervans Chinface goes camping If you intend to you will need a self-contained campervan with a toilet and fresh and grey water storage tanks. FREEDOM CAMP.. click to view Campervans can have up to This is clean portable drinking water stored in tanks underneath the vehicle - Usually around 120litres (26 gallons). GREY: BLACK: This is fresh water (often with a chemical added) for flushing the toilet and is stored alongside the toilet cassette. This is dirty or waste-water from washing and showering and is stored in tanks underneath the vehicle This is toilet waste and is stored in the sealed toilet cassette. FLUSHING: 4 separate water systems: FRESH: Hot water for washing and showering is provided by a small (10 – 14litre) water heater that takes about 25 minutes to heat water using 240v electricity or gas. Some models allow you to use 240v AND gas at the same time to shorten heating time. A small 12v electric pump provides pressure at the taps.
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