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Copy of Punctuating Dialogue 1

No description

Katie Santos

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Punctuating Dialogue 1

The rules...
Punctuating Dialogue
Quotation marks show where speakers EXACT words begin and end.
That's it!
"It is such a beautiful day,"
said Jacque.

Hila shouted,
"Don't forget to take your lunch!"

"Did you sign your reading log?"
asked Elissa
"I'm ready for summer
" said Kim.

Thomas shouted, "Run quick, and don't let them tag you

"Is it your birthday
" asked Kevin.
Punctuation goes inside quotation marks
t's time for a nap," said Mom.

Gordon whined, "
on't I have a few more minutes?"

id you see the other team's uniforms?" whispered Sherry.
Capitalize the first word
within the quotation marks
"I wish we were home already
" said Tim.

Karen sang out
"We will be soon
Commas separate the quotation from the words that tell who is speaking
If a ? or ! separate quote from speech tag, no comma is needed.
... small
"Aren't you cold?" asked Eliza.
Split dialogue:

he shouted.

You didn't do your homework?
What did you say? Are you telling me

he gasped

hat you didn't do your homework?
If the second part of the dialogue is a new sentence, capitalize it. If it is the same sentence, do not capitalize it.
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