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CDIP - Evaluate an Element of a Course

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Paul Jennings

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of CDIP - Evaluate an Element of a Course

Discuss the importance of course evaluation in the Lifelong Learning Sector.
Refer to the orange/purple/own organisation QA guidance for the element that you will be evaluating.
The Quality Enhancement Guide provides the framework for enhancing quality at Colchester Institute.
Task 1 - CDIP
Level 1 - Project level
Level 11 - Curriculum Level
Level III - Module/Unit Level
Level IV - Learning Step Level
Levels of Evaluation
Kirpatrick's Learning and Training Evaluation Model - 4 levels.
Evaluate an Element of a Course
Quality audit (process) is part of a quality system which is normally seen as an important part of an educational organisation's quality management system.
Audits are essential to verify objective evidence of processes and to ascertain how effective the process has been.
Romiszowski,A. J. (1998) "The Selection and Use of Instructional Media", Kogan, London
Always an iterative process!
1] reaction of student - what they thought and felt about the training
2] learning - the resulting increase in knowledge or capability
3] behaviour - extent of behaviour and capability improvement and implementation/application
4] results - the effects on the business or environment resulting from the trainee's performance
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