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1920/1930's Technology vs. Todays

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Awsme OG

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of 1920/1930's Technology vs. Todays

Communication Technologies
Before WW1, communication was very limited. But thanks to the Technological advancements brought on by that war, people had a more and easier way to communicate which brought the world together to help form what we know as communication today! As technology advanced, so did the uses for these old devices changing the world of technology!

The Radio
Because of the radio being a new technology back in the 1920's, not many people were able to afford one, making it a luxury device.
The Telephone
By the beginning of WW1, Canada was trying to keep up with the U.S who had had the most communication technology in the world, who beat the previous holder Sweden. By the mid 1920's, the telephone was becoming a very popular device in someones household.Phone technology started off using manual switchboards, which gave many people jobs making them.
The telephone was a really new technology in the 1920's. Like the radio, not many people could afford one.
The most common form of communication in the 1920s was the newspaper. It was used for every major and minor event, since it was really the only widely used form to get informed since newer technology on the rise was too expensive just as newspapers are still way cheaper than any other form of communication in the modern world today.
Newspapers back then only cost two cents to buy, and they ran everyday of the week except for Saturday. Unlike the radio and telephone, everyone could afford a newspaper.
Because of the use of the radio, people were able to be informed more about what was going on in the world. It opened up a new form for people to announce disasters and other important imformation. Before the war, people couldn't hear of the events happening overseas without reading a newspaper. But thanks to the Radio, people can listen from their houses to events unfolding. Today, the radio is still one of the biggest broadcasting devices in the world which it has been expanded to providing entertainment/music/talk shows/news... With new radio technology coming out everyday,radio technology keeps expanding and getting broader each and every day. Also, radio technology is much cheaper now, then back in the 1920's/30's making it available to almost everyone now. Many modern objects like cars, planes (etc.) have built in radios making it much more accessible and easier to use. Radios are still one of the most broadcasting devices because newer technology isn't as spread out and available as the radio is just like it was back in the 1920's/1930's. Today with all the pieces/branches of communication technology comes many jobs for individuals as it did back in the 1920s and 1930's as technology was booming. The great depression caused a major lack of demands for technologies causing many jobs to be lost. Just as today technology demand isn't as great as it was 10 years ago which is causing many job losses. But technology services like radio production and streaming have never been better creating a whole new era of jobs and opportunities.
The telephone allowed people to reach their loved ones quickly, without the need to mail them a letter as it does today. The age of the telephone sparked creativity in which it inspired people to create things like the cell-phone or the computer making our world connected as we know it today! Change in style and quality and reliability are things that changed phones and cell phones into what we know today. The invention of things like the tablet, computers also make our technology world completely different to what is was back then. With the internet, what we do with our phones is also completely different too but the basics as in communication back in fourth has always and will always be the same; just with a few modern touches!
If it wasn't for newspapers, people would be oblivious to things that happen outside of their house which is completely different today with the use of the internet. Not much as changed with newspapers to this day though as they keep people informed about the political activities of their government and other local things. They give detailed statements of speeches made by the rulers at public meetings of on the radio of television. They also report the activities of political parties and leaders. Today, the world of newspapers has evolved into the digital world were almost any type of newspaper is accessible online but the content and context is still the same!
Every event from daily life, even down to who won a baseball game was available to read in a newspaper.
By: Caden Brett
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