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Lube Oil Temperature Control

No description

Nicole Mangels

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of Lube Oil Temperature Control

Lube Oil Temperature Control
Risks & Consequences
Too Cool:
Risk of heavy vibration – oil whirl/whip phenomenon
Oil viscosity increases
Clinging of oil to shaft surface, dragged around bearing
Loss of stability of oil wedge
Resistance to flow through piping increases

Lube Oil Main Functions
Safely and reliably provide cool, clean, deaerated oil at the required pressure and flows, under all normal and emergency operating conditions to:

Power train bearings
Generator hydrogen seals (when required)
Lift oil (when required)
Clutch (when required)
Shell arm cooling (when required)

Controls Functions
Auto/Manual Pump Control and monitoring
Closed Loop Oil Temperature Control
Monitoring and alarms on oil level, pressure, filters, tank vacuum
DC Emergency Pump Start on low pressure and loss of AC
Mist Eliminator fan/motor start
Oil conditioner pump/motor and oil heater control
Lift Oil on for turning gear breakaway torque

Temperature Control
Too Hot:
Reduced viscosity & thinner oil wedge
Inability of oil to keep bearing metal temperature at safe level

To Cooling Water Supply
From Cooling Water Supply
Lube Oil Temp. Control Valve
Cooler #1
Cooler #2
Filter #1
Filter #2
AC Lube & Seal Oil #1
AC Lube & Seal Oil #2
DC Emergency LO
DC Emergency SO
3 Way Valve
To Seal Oil System
Pressure Regulating Valve
Pressure Transmitters
To Bearings
From Bearings
Lube Oil Tank
Cooling Water
100% Bypassed = Bypassed Around Cooler (Oil Hotter)
0% Bypassed =Not Bypassing Cooler (Oil Cooler)
Orifice (75%)
Feedback to Control Valve
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