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Untitled Prezi

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Aly Schilling

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Welcome to
Heartfelt Happy Hour! Virtual Celebration! March's Top 10 in Sales... 10. Lisa Welch 9. Laura Swift 8. Lori Newhouse 7. Sara McClallen 6. Dominick Oliver 5. Amy Rist 4. Cat Power 3. Jen Rios Raner 2. Robin Mutka 1. Kriss Huels March Recruiters Kriss Huels - 1 Recruit Cat Power 1 Recruit Amy Rist - 1 Recruit Deb Sowards - 1 Recruit Margaret Wolf - 1 Recruit Patty Braun - 1 Recruit Tereza Zach - 1 Recruit March Promotions Robin Mutka - Sr. Associate Teresa Zach - Supervisor January - March
Grand Achiever's Evening Kriss Huels Jen Rios Raner Cat Power Amy Rist Robin Mutka Melissa Gallo Lisa Welch Patty Braun Rosemary Parker Sheila Edwards Dominick Oliver Laura Swift Sara McClallen Debra Sowards Margaret Wolf Elisabeth Von Hahn Linda Jennejahn Teresa Zach Karla Cannorozzo Using AnyMeeting Survey Says? New Catalog Transition Stampin' Share Upcoming Happenings FREE PRODUCT! April 1st - June 30th BULK
Mailing Selector Open - $5 April 1st - March 2014 Premium
Mailing Selector Open - $8.50 April 24th is a BIG DAY! Sneak Peek Pre-Order Title Benefits Redemption Hostess Benefits Pre-Order 2012-2013 Cannot be Ordered Online 2013-2014 Catalog CAN be Ordered Online
8 for $15 Demo Orders from Apri 24th - May 19th will get a complemantary catalog Catalog will post online, Demos Only You can order catalogs with Great Rewards May 1st - Mailing Selector Catalogs Begin to Ship May 20th - Complementary Catalog mailed
to all Demos who didn't order from
April 24th - May 19th May 31st - OH HAPPY DAY!!
NEW CATALOG SALES PERIOD BEINGS! at noon. June 3rd - last day to order from the
2012-2013 Annual Catalog Upcoming Happenings.... April 19th - Grand Achiever's Evening May 9th - Stamping Rendezvous May 14th - Heartfelt Happy Hour June 1st - STAMP FEST! July 12th - Shoebox Swap Summer Soiree
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