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Corporate culture in Kazakhstan

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Saltanat Berdikulova

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Corporate culture in Kazakhstan

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Business cards
Business cards are extremely important to establish one’s position, navigate bureaucracy and open doors.

Likewise, show the card of someone significant when trying to gain access or secure an appointment.

Business cards are exchanged without a great deal of ritual.

It is advisable to have your business cards printed in Russian on one side and English on the other.

Make certain that your title is included on your business card.
Business meetings
Business meetings can start later than appointed time, but you should still be punctual.

Once in the meeting room, your team should sit in the order of superiority.

Business meetings are more about forming friendships than doing business. Expect a lot of light conversation and don't have plans for the rest of the day.

Spend time in relationship building; as a family orientated people they want to be sure you are trustworthy, affable and reliable.
Dressing for success
A suit and tie is appropriate for men especially in official dealings, usually, black/dark pants and white/light colour shirts.

Women should dress stylishly while remaining conservative. Women are often beautifully dressed which could be seen as too much or “overboard” by North American standards but quite normal and acceptable for Kazakhstanies.

Shoes are important. Your shoes should always be clean and polished. Kazakh men tend to wear pointy, dandy-ish shoes. Women wear heels, often stilettos
Umut Shayakhmetova - executive director of HalykBank
The common greeting is the handshake, often done with both hands and a smile.

Women shake hands in the same manner but a kiss on the cheek or light hug is common as well.

A handshake will certify most business deals and is more important than a signed contract.

Most Kazakhs have a first and patronymic name (the father’s name followed by a suffix -ich or –ovich for son of or daughter of, respectively).

Wait until invited before using someone’s first name, although the invitation generally comes early in the relationship.

Gift giving
There is not a great deal of protocol in gift giving.

When invited to someone’s house for dinner, it is polite to bring something for the hostess such as pastries.

Practising Muslims do not touch alcohol, so do not give alcoholic beverages unless you know your host drinks.

Gifts are usually opened when received.
Corporate culture - is general organizational operating environment including ethical and value structures.

Every culture has own special feauters and way of doing business.

Let's talk about Kazakhstan!

Corporate culture in Kazakhstan
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