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"How-To-Be" Poem

No description

Desiree Dizon

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of "How-To-Be" Poem

"How-To-Be" Poem
Step 1 - Select an Idea
Choose a topic that you know very well or you will need to complete research.. You will need to describe or detail several facts about your idea.
EX. Ocean

Think of skills that you know how to do. Think of people or ideas that you know well. Or select any topic that is unique!
-perfect lasagna
-jump shot

Decide your purpose. Will it be funny, silly, or informative? All in all, you are giving your perspective.

Step 2 - List the details
-Write down everything you know! Or research your topic to find facts.
-Make a list of at least 10 interesting facts.
-Tell what's interesting, unique, and intriguing.

-sometimes black and gray
-sometimes loud in an angry way, can be happy
-very powerful
-include jellyfish and crab

Step 3 - Draft your poem
Using each line as a predicate, begin each sentence as a verb.
Use a variety of verbs! Write at least eight lines using eight different verbs. Each line is at least five words.

-Be as blue as the sky
-Darken to black or gray at times
-Let your ripples rap against the shore
- Allow jellyfish to pulse and hermit crab to scuttle
-Rock and stomp, crash and boom!
-Feel the ocean's heart beat!

Do this.
Don't do
Remember this
Celebrate that
Hope this
Make that

How to Be Poem

-Select several interesting bits of information about your topic.
-Write an eight line poem with imperative sentences.
-Each line will be a predicate.
-Each line should start with a different verb.
-Complete final draft on our ipads. : )

How To Be a Cosmos

Attract butterflies

Encompass 20 species

Exceed three feet in height

Display pretty petals in shades of red, pink, and white

Grow as a native in Mexico

Find yourself also in Arizona, Central America, and South America

Adapt to your environment

Be named after the Greek word "harmony."
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