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Vine 101

Social Media: Strategies & Tactics Project (Co-Authors: Perri Haynes, Rachel C White, Jenn Howard, Laura Hartnett, and Allie Redavid)

Joanna Polaski

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Vine 101

Vine 101 What is Vine? - A mobile app that enables users to create and post short video clips. The maximum length of a video is six seconds and can be shared on a variety of social networking services, such as Twitter or Facebook. How does it work? Vine & Social Universe How brands are using it! Vine In The News How to Vine • Only available for Apple iOS
• MP4 format to created an embedded video
• Video clips automatically play on Twitter
• Audio is silent by default
Vine's Technology • The likely reason Vine was launched as a separate app from Twitter is so that updates and improvements can be made quickly before integrating into the Twitter app

• Pretty soon, expect to see availability on Android systems. What to expect next… • Vine has been claimed as the next big thing in video sharing, BUT it approached controversy as well
• Four days after its launch, a pornographic image appeared in the “Editor’s Picks” Section.
• iTunes was forced to remove it from “Editor’s Choice” list from App Store.
• A search by ABC News for #porn within the app brought up at least 10 pornographic clips, many of which were not covered up by the warning message. Pros & Cons of Vine Marketers Cons What brands need to realize is that the 6-second Vine video IS the ad, and just as the 140-character limit for tweets presents interesting challenges for composing useful content, so does Vines' abbreviated time restrictions. Brands are already experimenting with Vine as a new short ad format. The great news for brands is that they can communicate and entertain across social networks but are less likely to lose consumers attention than traditional advertising. Many brands already have different versions of the same video ad for different formats (such as a shortened pre-roll ad for Internet video edited from a longer-form TV ad). Vine can further complement this by making snippets of behind-the-scenes footage available where appropriate. What Else Brands Can use Vine For: •To record a vine video just tap on the record button, and then tap and hold on the screen to capture moments. Vine will only record when you actively have your finger on the screen, so this can be used to create smooth videos or even a stop motion effect.

•Each Vine must be six seconds exactly, and you can see your progress with the green bar at the top. When you have your moment captured, you can give it a caption, choose the networks your want to share it on, and it’s off to your home feed.

•Your vines as well as others will auto-play (with sound) and loop. Users can leave comments on vines and even “like” them by tapping on the smiley face. Unlimited uploads and free
Instantly post videos on Vine, then share to Twitter and Facebook
Find, follow, and interact with people close to you
Explore trending posts, featured hashtags and editor's picks •Twitter bought out Vine Inc. in 2012, but the two services are going to remain separate.

•Users can create a Vine account using their Twitter handle, or create it separately with an email address. History •You can find your Twitter or Facebook friends to follow in Vine. If your friends aren’t using the app, you can find other people to follow by exploring the Popular, Global Feed, and Editor’s Choice vines. Features: Behind the Scenes Contests User-Generated Content Product Demos Tell your brand's story Release new ads or other long-form videos in 6-second teaser segments unlockable only after certain follower or retweet milestones are met. This can be done as a ramp-up to the premier of the ad, particularly for marquee ads (like those unveiled during this last Super Bowl) or for other types of announcements. From the history of the company to showcasing product, Vine can help introduce the company to your new followers, creatively display products as a reminder for current customers, and show short, educational product demonstrations. Ask customers to submit Vine videos of themselves using your product, and perhaps even compile the best into a longer-form ad used on another platform. Short, how-to videos for products that can use either an extra hand in educating the public on how it's used, or to showcase creative ideas for how to use a product that may not come immediately to mind. Quality Control Saturation Pros Ease of Use Popularity of Short Videos Real-time Journalism Class Exercise Challenge: Based on this week's reading, create a vine that promotes one of these three brands. Don't forget to use #AUSMST, when you post it on Twitter. Connecting • Similar to Instagram, the short video format allows for artistic representation of daily life

• Videos can be viewed via non-Apple platforms, but the content is slow to load

• Vine does not allow for a private setting, and there is no way to control where your content is shared. There is no way to block or report users, you can only flag videos as inappropriate
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