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Fashion as an art

No description

Caitlin Lower

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of Fashion as an art

The V&A
Fashion theory - Malcolm Barnard
"Fashion is not art and fashion should not be shown in museums or galleries" - Karl Lagerfeld
Is fashion an art?
Fashion as an art
Fun affordable clothing allows fashion to become a form of individual self
CONSUMERISM - The desirability of goods is no longer tied to the usefulness or durability of them, but the perception of the ever evolving young. An era of change for changes sake with individuality
through objects that are thought to represent an aspirational lifestyle.
the conveying of feeling in a work of
or in the performance of a piece of music.
This concept would take away from the idea that fashion's sole purpose is as a function, drawing more on the idea that it is in fact a means of expression as a work of art may be.
THE FOOL - A collective of artists and musicians who opened the Apple Boutique
Created some of the most iconic designs of the 60s
Paul McCartney: "The aim was to create a beautiful place where beautiful people could buy beautiful things"
"When you think about it, department stores are kind of like museums" - Andy Warhol 1985
During the 1960s sunglasses became a cool fashion accessory popularised by icons such as Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy etc.
Oliver Goldsmith Eye wear became an extremely popular brand for sunglasses, focusing on fun rather than function.
Again this draws away from the idea that fashion serves as a function rather than a form of art - people weren't wearing the sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun, they were wearing them as a fashion statement.
Miuccia Prada + Rei Kawakubo both agree that fashion is not an art - how can we disagree with such huge names in fashion?
Art does has no function whereas fashion does...
Art can have a function - to communicate and express emotion. Many feel that fashion also has a role in this.
Artists use art to express emotions and convey ideas - do designers use their work in fashion for the same purpose?
"Fashion is applied art rather than fine art" - zandra rhodes
Is an item of clothing the same as fashion?

The purpose of clothing is to keep the body covered and protect it from the elements. But in modern, western society this will always be subject to fashion because that is what the consumer ultimately looks for. If appearance is key, does mean fashion as an art comes before fashion as a function?
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