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jules hamm

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of Micro-Habitat

Fox Squirrel
There are two types of squirrels that live in the tree.A fox squirrel is number one of the species that live in my backyard.There is also a oak tree that provide the squirrels with acorns.
Acorns are a type of nut, and they are also known as the oak nut.Squirrels are not the only animal that are dependent on the acorn, but so are deer, mice,wild turkey and even bears!The acorn may be small, but it is important to the environment.
Oak tree
Oak trees are big and sturdy,their bark is hard, and rough to the touch.The tree provides the squirrels favorite food,acorns!However, with the oak trees strong branches, it make a ideal home for birds, and the acorns also provide the birds with food.
Bluejays usually live in the forest, since there is one behind my home they are no surprise.They are intelligent and adaptable birds, native in North America regions, though some migrate.In my backyard it is a battleground, the bluejays have to compete with both robins, and fox squirrels just to get a nut!
American Robins
Robins depend on acorns like their enemies, the fox squirrels and bluejays.Their full name is American Robin, so don't get confused with the fiction character
.Robins are a songbird that do migrate when it becomes winter, I bet that's a relief to the bluejays that don't migrate.They also compete with bluejays for making nest it the oak tree.
The Micro-Habitat I am doing for my project is a tree in my backyard and the grass surrounding it.Every finger tip is at least 3 meters of the oak tree and the ground surrounding it.
My Micro Habitat
There are lots
of stray cats
where I live.They depend on the birds and squirrels for food.Their shelter are dense underbrush that humans can't get into.
Rose Bush
A rose bush is a beautiful but sharp plant.There is one that had red, pinkish roses on it that grows beside the oak tree.In the summer and spring time, bees would come and get nectar, and so would other bugs.To the birds, that meant more food choices.
Red Cardinal
Also known as the Northern Cardinal, or redbird even common cardinal.The Red cardinal is yet another competitor for acorns and nest in the trees.Cats depend on this bird for food.
Pecan Tree
There is a wild pecan tree near the oak tree in my backyard.It sometime produces pecan nuts, that which enters the small food chain in my backyard.Birds and squirrels both become dependent on this food.
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