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The National Hockey League

No description

Jake F

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of The National Hockey League

Facts about the National Hockey League
Craig MacTavish was the last hockey player to not wear a helmet
Before 1927-28 players were not able to pass the puck forward.
Jiri Fischer on the Detroit Red Wings, went into cardiac arrest while sitting on the bench.
The original game was played with seven players on each side, the last game played like this was on March 2, 1922.
When the first Stanley cup was purchased, it only cost $48.67
The Zamboni was created by Frank Zamboni in 1949
Andy Brown was the last goaltender in the N.H.L. to not wear a mask.
When the Rangers played the Canadians on February 25, 1940, it was the first game to ever broadcast on television. The Rangers won 6-2.
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Until the 1931-32 season, there was no rule preventing a team from having two goalies on the ice at the same time
The only player to wear the number 00 was a goalie, Martin Biron. He later had to switch to 43 because the league outlawed the number 00.
Kris Draper was traded to the Detroit Red Wings for only $1.00
Vic Lynn was the only player to ever play on all six of the original teams.
When Wayne Gretzky retired from the N.H.L. he held 61 records
Mario Lemieux scored on the first shot he ever took in the N.H.L.
Montreal Canadian's legend Jean Beliveau's name is on the Stanley cup 17 times.
Ron Hextall was the first N.H.L. goalie to ever score a goal.
The National Hockey League was founded on November 22, 1917
The Montreal Canadians have the most Stanley cups in N.H.L. history. They have 23
The standard North American ice rink is 200 feet long, and 85 feet wide.
The fist Stanley cup was only seven inches tall.
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