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BLISS Live It! Give It!

No description

Amanda Kaemmerer

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of BLISS Live It! Give It!

BLISS Live It! Give It!
Main Idea
Ambassadors learn to dream big, now and for their future, and begin their legacy as leaders who help others achieve their dreams too. As they prepare to move from high school into the next phase of their lives, BLISS helps girls navigate life's twists and turns in order realize their dreams – whether she wants to win a Gold Medal discover a vaccine that cures a disease or run for president.

It's Your Story - Tell It!

View the interactive
Journey Map available
for each Journey here:

Let’s Break It Down
Sections of the Adult Guide:

1. Summary of the book - Page 8

2. Summary of Awards - Page 12

3. Three keys of leadership - Page 20

4. Sample Sessions at a Glance - Page 27

5. Take Action - begins pg 31 of the Give It!
section of the girl book

Navigating the Girl Scout Journey Tip Guide

What Girl Scout Ambassadors Do

Activity ideas for BLISS!

Example of how to do BLISS in a weekend

Dream Maker Award -Ambassadors understand the bliss they can achieve by helping others with their dreams, and realize that a leader pursues her own dreams and makes it possible for others to do the same.
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