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Prezume 2014 Revisited

My application to Prezi. Hope you enjoy!

Akos Zsolt Hochrein

on 23 June 2015

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Transcript of Prezume 2014 Revisited

Work Experience
Personal Stuff
ELTE - Faculty of Informatics
Software Information Technologist B.Sc.
ELTE - Faculty of Informatics
Software Information Technologist M.Sc.
The Present and the Future
The Basics
Who am I?
my name is
Ákos Zsolt Hochrein
Languages I speak
Apart from programming languages, I actually speak real ones as well!
It is no surprise, that I speak my native language fluently.
I have been practicing English for over 18 years
Cambridge certified in Advanced English since 2008
I also understand basic written and spoken German
I am a computer scientist looking for ways to prosper my skills in Software and Life.
Specialized in Mathematical Modeling
I wrote my thesis in the subject of Bézier Curves
(Further) Specialized in Mathematical Modeling
Extensive work in the field of digital image pr cessing
Current "offline" Education
I currently study Electrical Engineering at Óbuda University
Attending it via a mailing course to improve my knowledge on hardware.
I am particularly interested in programming micro controllers in the future
Current "online" Education
I attend many courses online to keep my brain fresh and up-to-date.
From programming to literature, I am interested in almost everything.
Favorite sites include Codecademy, Udacity and Coursera.
Possibility of a Ph.D. in the future.
I am really interested in the healthcare aspects of informatics and programming.
Finished with
Masters Thesis
If you are interested in what I'm proud of,
well here it comes...
Detection and Automatic Removal of Anomalies on Human Face Skin
I wrote it entirely in Java, without use of any major image processing libraries.
Result of images way above expected.
Explored many modern and old methods.
Also came up with a couple of my own.
Oh, and by the way...
Intern @ IDS Scheer Hungary
During my internship @ IDS I did a good amount of programming in Java and back-end JavaScript. As well as some HTML and CSS.
Did scripting in PowerShell and Python for our administrators.
Later on I was assigned to greater projects, like software integration at a major Hungarian energy provider.
During this period I learned about online and offline data transmission protocols and adapters.
...I'm so sorry...
Besides my job as a developer and scripter, I also had the responsibility to keep contact with customers, and give them advice on their current software status. This included both real life and telecommunication based contact.

Positive feedback from customers made me very fond of these kind of interactions and hope to continue them in the future!
Some of the presales projects required research on new products and creating demos for them. Just a couple of areas I encountered during these journeys:
Consultant, Developer @ IDS Scheer Hungary,
Itelligence Hungary
I am currently working full time as a developer and consultant. Basically doing the same tasks as before.
Apart from those errands, I have increased my knowledge of C# programming using OCR software. I have also managed to hone my SQL knowledge during many projects.
Demonstrator @ ELTE
Teacher @ Corvinus
I have a great passion for teaching so I volunteered to become a demonstrator at ELTE as soon as I got accepted to my Masters course
Taught mathematics for first and second year students. Namely
Precalculus Practices
Numerical Analysis I-II.
At Corvinus, I taught SQL database management for college students.
Coding the Matrix: Linear Algebra through Computer Science Applications
Learn to Program: Crafting Quality Code
Online Games: Literature, New Media, and Narrative
Technologies include:
Creative Stuff
Fun Stuff
Charity Stuff
I enjoy creative programing and learning in my free time
Particularly in this language. It makes me crazy creative. (Processing)
Did some mathematics teaching for the MigHelp community in the Summer of 2013.

Turned out to be a wonderful experience. I met fantastic people, had a great time.

As a bonus, one of the candidates got accepted to ELTE after the course.
Charity and Creative Stuff
As a result of the work with the MigHelp community, I have started working on a free English mathematics book for beginners and relearners.
Needless to say, it's work in progress.
Check out the current status here:
Fun and Creative Stuff
I slay dragons with pen and paper in my mind for over 7 years now.
I also enjoy cooking and eating.
In my fun time, I usually read books and watch movies.
I also play tabletop games.
Apart from being the hero of the story, I often take the role of the storyteller.
Apart from exercising my brain, I exercise my body with boxing.

I also did 3 years of Shaolin Kung-fu
That's pretty much me in my free time.
I consider all my charity work fun. :-)
Charity and Fun Stuff
I'd like to...
learn interesting new technologies.
work with a young, talented team.
travel the world and experience new things.
I also heard your freshly squeezed orange juice is amazing.
I ...
am eager to learn new stuff.
am easy to communicate with.
am a good guy to work with.
Also, I genuinely believe, that...
Thanks for watching!
If you enjoyed, please contact me through the following:
+36 20 259 9979
Ákos Zsolt Hochrein
Prezume 2014
Full transcript