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Summer Visiting 2017

No description

UNC Wilmington

on 23 August 2016

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Transcript of Summer Visiting 2017

Summer Visiting 2017
When is the Summer Visiting application deadline?
How do I obtain a
transient study form?
How do I know when to
register for classes?
The application and transient study form, must be received by :

Summer I 2017: April 28, 2017

Summer II 2017: June 9, 2017
A student who is currently enrolled in another institution and would like to take courses at UNCW in the summer and then return to their home institution in the Fall.
Who is a Summer Visiting Applicant?
If you have earned your Bachelor's degree and would like to take pre-requisite courses for Graduate School, you will apply as a Special Undergraduate.

If you would like to start taking courses in the summer at UNCW and continue at UNCW in the Fall, you will apply as a transfer student.

If you are seeking a teaching license from another institution, please contact the Watson College of Education.
Who is NOT a Summer Visiting Applicant?
Please complete a Summer Visiting application through SeaLevel. This is a short application and no fee is required.
How to apply:
In addition to the Summer Visiting application itself, you must also submit a transient study form.
What is needed for my Summer Visiting application to be complete?
Contact the Admissions Office, Registrar’s Office or Academic Advisor at your home institution.
The transient study form is from your home institution indicating you have met any prerequisites for the course you intend to take at UNCW and the course will transfer back to the home intuition.

If you are unable to obtain a transient study form, a transcript from your home institution will be sufficient.
What is a transient study form?
Once admitted, students will receive an email to their UNCW account with a time ticket and their registration information including how and when to register.
Not Yet Admitted?
Kelley Griffin- UNCWTransfer@uncw.edu

Admitted with Registration Questions?
Naamah Noble- NDRegistrar@uncw.edu

General Summer School Questions?
Christine Reed- Summer@uncw.edu

I still have questions.
Who can I contact?
When do Summer
classes start?
Summer Session I: May 17

Summer Session II: June 26
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