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Batman is created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.

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Pranav Iyer

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Batman is created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.

It's the Bat!
Batman appears as a crime-fighter in Detective Comics #27
Batman? Robin? Batman and Robin?
Batman meets Dick Grayson, a circus Acrobat. He soon becomes Batman's sidekick, Robin and now called as Nightwing. He is Batman's partner since childhood.
It all started from here
Batman, the comic character is created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger in 1939.
Batman 1,2,3?!
Batman's history is divided into 3 different ages. They are Golden, Silver and Modern Ages of Batman.
Few common Supporting characters of Batman
Batgirl : She the secret identity Barbara Gordon. She first appeared in DC comics # 359. She helps Batman fight against crime.Police Commissioner Jim Gordon, Batman's Butler Alfred Pennyworth are the other characters who help Batman solve crime.
Hey B'man!
Riddler, Ra's al Ghul, Poison Ivy, Bane,
Penguin, Catwoman, Scarecrow, Mr.Freeze,
Two Face, Harley Quinn and other dangerous
villians.Batman has acted in movies such
as Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The
Dark Knight Rises, and he will appear in
the Man of Steel sequel. He also is in
games such as The Dark Knight Rises,
Batman Arkham Origins, Batman Arkham
Asylum, and Batman Arkham city.
Batman has the enemies now: Joker,
History of..........
Golden age!

Batman's story starts at the age of 8 when his parents were murdered by a villain named Joe Chill while returning from a movie theatre in 1939. That night, Bruce Wayne swears an oath to spend his life fighting crime. Alfred joins in as butler and Dick Grayson as Robin to support him.

Silver Age!!
The Silver Age began with the publication of DC Comics's Showcase #4 in 1956, which introduced Barry Allen, the modern version of the Flash. Batman meets and regularly works with other heroes during the Silver Age, most notably Superman, whom he began regularly working alongside in a series of team-ups in World's Finest Comics. Batman and Superman are usually depicted as close friends.

Batman spends the 1970s and early 1980s mainly working solo, with occasional team-ups with Robin and/or Batgirl. Batman's adventures also become somewhat darker and more grim during this period, depicting increasingly violent crimes, including the first appearance (since the early Golden Age) of the Joker as a homicidal psychopath, and the arrival of Ra's al Ghul, a centuries-old terrorist who knows Batman's secret identity. In the 1980s, Dick Grayson becomes Nightwing.
Modern Batman?
After the 12-issue limited series Crisis on Infinite Earths, DC Comics retconned the histories of some major characters in an attempt at updating them for contemporary audiences. Frank Miller retold Batman's origin in the storyline "Year One" from Batman #404–407, which emphasizes a grittier tone in the character. Though the Earth-Two Batman is erased from history, many stories of Batman's Silver Age/Earth-One career (along with an amount of Golden Age ones) remain canonical in the post-Crisis universe, with his origins remaining the same in essence, despite alteration.
Batman serials
A 15-chapter serial film called "Batman" was released in 1943 by Columbia Pictures. The serial starred Lewis Wilson as Batman and Douglas Croft as Robin.
In 1949, another 15-chapter serial film titled "Batman and Robin" was released by Columbia Pictures. Robert Lowery played Batman, while Johnny Duncan played Robin.

Batman Movies
Batman (also known as Batman: The Movie): is a 1966 film adaptation of the popular Batman television series, and was the first full-length theatrical adaptation of the DC Comics character. The 20th Century Fox release starred Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin, as well as Cesar Romero as the Joker, Burgess Meredith as the Penguin, Lee Meriwether as Catwoman, and Frank Gorshin as the Riddler.
Batman(1989) : Tim Burton took over as director of the first Batman film in 1986. Steve Englehart and Julie Hickson wrote film treatments before Sam Hamm wrote the first screenplay. Numerous A-list actors were considered for the role of Batman before Michael Keaton was cast. Keaton's casting caused a controversy since, by 1988, he had become typecast as a comedic actor and many observers doubted he could portray a serious role. Jack Nicholson accepted the role of the Joker.
Batman Returns(1992): Burton originally did not want to direct a sequel because of his mixed emotions over the previous film. Sam Hamm's first script had Penguin and Catwoman searching for hidden treasure. Daniel Waters delivered a script that satisfied Burton to direct the film.
Batman Forever (1995):Although Batman Returns was a financial success, Warner Bros. felt the film should have made more money. The studio decided to change the direction of the Batman film series to be more mainstream. Joel Schumacher replaced Tim Burton as director, while Burton decided to stay on as producer. However, Michael Keaton did not like the new direction the film series was heading in, and was replaced by Val Kilmer as Batman. Chris O'Donnell was introduced as Robin, Jim Carrey starred as The Riddler, while Tommy Lee Jones starred as Two-Face. (continues...)
Batman movies (cont...)
Batman and Robin (1997): Val Kilmer was replaced by George Clooney as Batman.. Arnold Schwarzenegger starred as Mr. Freeze, while Uma Thurman starred as Poison Ivy and Alicia Silverstone starred as Batgirl. Chris O'Donnell reprised his role as Robin.
Batman Begins (2005):Director/writer Christopher Nolan and co-writer David S. Goyer began work on Batman Begins in early 2003. Christian Bale starred as Batman, Liam Neeson starred as Ra's al Ghul (albeit masquerading as Henri Ducard), and Cillian Murphy starred as The Scarecrow. Katie Holmes also starred in the movie as Bruce's love interest, Rachel Dawes. A new Batmobile (called the Tumbler) and a more mobile Batsuit were both created specifically for the film.
The Dark Knight (2008): The Dark Knight featured Christian Bale reprising his role as Batman/Bruce Wayne, Heath Ledger as The Joker, and Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent / Two-Face.
The Dark Knight Rises (2012): Christian Bale is still playing the role of Batman Tom Hardy was cast as Bane and Anne Hathaway plays Selina Kyle. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was cast as John Blake, and Marion Cotillard was cast as Miranda Tate.
Man of Steel sequel (future): Warner Bros. announced that Superman and Batman will unite in a new film which will be the follow-up to Man of Steel (2013), set for release in 2015.

Batman Video Games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The first video game Batman starred on was called "Batman",which was released in 1986. The first video game that featured Batman was called "The Revenge of Shinobi". It was released in 1990. The first Batman Mobile Phone game was released in 2005 and is called "Batman Begins".
Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham City, Batman Arkham Origins
The Legend could end but the Dark Knight will Rise- Pranav Iyer
Batman has a really big history. The more we think about justice, the more we think about Batman - the character. THE STORY Continues .........
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