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Why you want to hire me..

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Hassan Atique

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Why you want to hire me..

Wateen Telecom
ZTE Pakistan
Okay there were failures as well, but these lessons teaches real life Value "if you want something, Aim,Workhard & get it"
Leaded RF Optimization project & Delieved 356 sites Rollout Project .
My followup on project was legendary
My favorite part was RF Performance Enhancement
iDelievered as an BSS Engineer on china telecom project
By now you know me pretty well.
Hopefully well enough to know iCan do wonders for you & your customers.
for more information on my skills, talents, experience and resume please contact me at hassanatique@hotmail.com
Or find me online:
I have Developed In-House RF optimization Tools
Being a RF executive i have accomplished in many areas but...
RF Degradation
Skype: hassan.atique
100 Sites Roll-out project
RF & Microwave Performance Testing
Site Equipment Swap
iDelievered Roll-out project & done Performance testing
iDeveloped a complete Scope & work breakdown structure for In-House projects to cutdown project expenses
For example:
iDeveloped procedure & train our resources for site Equipment swap, commissioning & integration activities.

Microwave installation & commissioning project was done without any vendor support.
I moved to Dir (Taliban War Zone) for Site dismantling Project
Dir Dismantling
And i continued my personal & professional life by keeping in touch through social media & Emails. I came out , More stronger More Optimistic More Positive.
I am not a warrior I don't speak their language
Vanderbilt University & UET Lahore

Taken eight business & management courses from IB&M UET Lhr.
Engineering University
iStudied Electrical Engineering from UET Lahore

iAimed for UET Lahore & Achieved it.

My specialization was in Electronics & Telecommunication

iAimed to become RF Engineer & today iAM.

iAimed for Project delivery & i was best.
Taken 8 week course "Leading strategic innovation in Organization" from Vanderbilt University USA.
iManaged Nationwide RF Planning & Optimization
Site Installation & Commissioning
Quality assurance
TSS surveys & Media patching
Continuous field work & tough job polished my abilities really well.
Outcome: Financial saving & human resouce building
A Qtel group company
Worst Cell Analyzer
iDeveloped degradation tool for
Automatic Traffic statistic
Analysis. This tool analyze RF
stats, identify degraded cells,
give their graphical analysis &
generate automatic email to
concerned teams.
iDeveloped worst cell tool, it
automatically analyze Traffic stats,
identify worst performing cells,
and give overall network distribution
for the cells as per their performance.
iGive technical training sessions
on various topics like GSM, WiMAX,
RF optimization, Site commissioning,
project delivery & Quality control.
iExplore new communication ways for
better education system. I have written
a research paper "Audio Visual trend in
new generation & analyzing it as an
alternate to conventional education
system" under the supervision of Ex AT&T
engineering director Ali Haider
I have given new business ideas to grow wirelss & data base business which include

Wireless Security surveillance
Value added services
Vertical applications
I have written an article "Never let your network produce noise" pointing out certain issues & suggested their resolution for making wireless network more reliable medium for customers.
Technical Writing
Business Ideas
Article link: http://wimax360.com/profiles/blogs/never-let-your-network-produce-noise
iWas, and still am, a bit
Hassan Atique
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